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 FOR SALE  Since 2003

These web sites Domain names are For Sale. is Brandable , We lean toward the Drag racing and Motorcycles, NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA,  what ever you can think it or do it.

We have covered the Barrett Jackson, Russo and Steele, Moto Exoctica Auctions, The GoodGuys Car Show, AZ Bike Week, Local car Shows. Laughlin River Run for the last 6 years and much more

It is ideal for anyone because it is linked to a popular Car Magazine Online placed all over the Inet 

 These Web Site Domain names are For Sale owned by Frank D..

We keep the web site hosting, SEO, the Domain name renewal fee's and marketing to keep traffic to it. 
Impressive Blogs go with this Sale

This is an Ideal name to start a Print Car Magazine and stay Online utilizing these domains. The income Advertising potential is linked to a huge marketing Automotive industry. Other income can be generated from car products like Amazon. Attached Blogs can generate tremendous traffic and exposure to the Inet. Mobile can add to this income.

Asking Price is $175,000.00 

     We prefer to do a Bank to Bank Transfer with both parties present at each own Branch with the Bank Officers present in which we will issue you a Notarized Document after the funds have been received in our account that you are the new owner of these two Domain name websites. After which we will transfer ownership at our GoDaddy Account to your ownership.

OR we can send you a Dwolla Invoice for $175,000.00  no fee's

OR you can Purchase it Via PayPal for $175,000.00 Plus 03% = $5250.00

TOTAL $180,250.00

PayPal Account Email

We will transfer domain name ownership to the buyer and blogs administration once Pay Pal releases our funds to our Bank Account which takes 21 days. All transfers will be done after transaction is final. NO RETURNS, SALE FINAL

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