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Created 2013-12-09
Owner mintinnjid
Title Canada Goose Oslo sharp thinking
Description to enforce the right to use, clean and honest administration, related to the vital interests of the people, the party and the government's image. Leading cadres at all levels must start to resist corruption, maintaining the advanced nature of the height, to correctly understand and deal with social interaction problems, purify their social circle from the start, as a preventive measure, always vigilant, always do self-respect, self-reflection, Since admonition. Purification social circle, we must correct exchanges motivation. &quot;To those who pay potential, potential dumping is absolutely; to facilitate cross who benefit the poor are scattered; cross Israel who is the <a href="">Canada Goose Jacka</a> best and useless.&quot; Exchanges motivation problems, it is impossible sincere emotion, friends would not last long. Especially those obsessed with the use of others, who seek the benefits of their communicative behavior inevitable bias. Leading cadres are servants of the people, we must firmly establish a Marxist world outlook, outlook on life, values ??and correct power, status, and interests, from deep thinking to solve &quot;Why communication&quot; problem. To the aim of studying the motivation to improve and make friends. Mutual learning between friends, emulate each other, is a useful way to self-improvement. Leading cadres should be an important objective to enrich themselves as to improve social interaction, often with whizzes, sharp thinking, the exchange of knowledgeable friends, in the process of consolidating friendship, and constantly get new information, learn new knowledge, the growth of new talent. To promote the work of holding the desire to make friends. Leading cadres and ordinary people to make friends, is our party's fine tradition, good style, is sympathetic to their needs, an effective way to understand public opinion, but also is the head of our policy wrong, and effective measures are not effective, solid work without a solid and effective methods. To consciously put into the focus of social interaction do to promote the development and promote the harmonious working up, often deep into the grassroots masses, constantly enhance the feelings of the people, enhance tissue masses, mobilize the masses affinity and inspiring, and truly implement the party's principles and policies to the grassroots and the masses. Should take the good advice of attitude to make friends. &quot;People Kam, one can <a href="">Canada Goose Outlet</a> know the pros and cons.&quot; Position of leading cadres in particular, need to hear the truth, examine the facts. This requires that our cadres to pay more candor, forthright and outspoken critical friends, listen to some of the impolite's good advice, help yourself to clean the dust ideologically correct the wrong perception and <a href="">canada goose outlet</a> behavior, and constantly improve the ideological level, reduce errors . Purification social circle, you must carefully select contacts object. Leading cadres working relationship, a lot of human contact, the initiative in making a lot of people cling, if not choose,