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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
Created 2013-12-08
Owner kjlerydckd
Title Moncler Donna 00 on the 6th or so
Description Minhang Civil Pornographic event: Actor non-civil service (Photos) - Social - Shun Net News
2013-01-07 11:46:46 Xinmin Abstract: network transmission Shanghai Minhang Civil indecent photographs official response, said the actor non-civil servants. Last night, friends, "Minhang Xiaoyan" <a href="">Moncler Espa?a</a> microblogging Bao Liu said, "There are many and Minhang Civil bed according to Sohn." And with a good few of the man's indecent photos. Today, the Shanghai Minhang District government microblogging responded that night network transmission "in the region (Minhang) Civil indecent photos" Moumou someone's non-civil service personnel were exposed Pornographic Pornographic Minhang Civil Civil Minhang Minhang Civil outflow outflow yesterday Pornographic night, there are users on the microblogging Bao Liu said, "There are many and Minhang Civil bed according to Sohn. "Yesterday (January 6) 11:28, Minhang District People's Government Information Office official microblogging" Shanghai Minhang, "news release, said:" Last night there netizens Area with unit leaders to reflect local civil servants do not Ya according to the situation and request rights. District authorities have been concerned about the present and in the further investigation and verification. "Reporters learned that the first <a href="">Moncler Jas</a> time, this person is not in the civil service, Minhang District, the specific identity of the relevant series is still being further investigation and verification. For there are users <a href="">Moncler Kids</a> exposed material called "Shanghai Minhang Civil Sohn bed according to" incident, Minhang District People's Government Information Office official microblogging "@ Shanghai Minhang" announced on January 6 that the current district authorities has been concern and further investigation verification. Shanghai Minhang called "Civil indecent photos" protagonist Department of private shareholders on January 5 evening, there are users publish text and image information, said, "There are many Sohn and Minhang Civil indecent photos" through microblogging. At 15:00 on the 6th or so, update the "Shanghai Minhang," the official microblogging events Findings: According to an investigation last night, network transmission of "indecent photos of civil servants in the region," someone's non-civil service staff Moumou , formerly a factory worker, after the 2005 corporate restructuring buyouts self-employment, is now one of a private shareholder. (Integrated Xinmin, etc.)