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Created 2013-12-06
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Title Outlet Moncler sold overseas copyright
Description Media Revealed Movie Review Process Management Regulations 10 Terms tube contents - Movie Review - Wall network
movie review has been heading to grasp the Chinese film in general, China's film censorship in the end is how is it? "Legal Evening News" message, the author interviewed a large number of film professionals, experts, academics and the State Administration of Radio, responsible person, I learned Chinese film censorship of specific operational procedures, as well as an interesting story behind this process. Review Secret 1 [Keywords: Reviewers] According to reports, China Film Review Board now consists of 36 members, of which 36 people from all walks of life. Every review of a movie, not every member must be present, as long as the majority to the line. 2, [Keywords: review procedure] First, producer units have their own trial again. Then, from the production unit to submit a review application to the Film Bureau, followed by the Review Committee was held to see films. After reading it, not by a direct vote on whether the members through the review, but the comments by everyone. Opinions better, if less to no, that is directly examined. Then, the Film Board production unit will revert to a "amendments