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Created 2013-12-04
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Title woolrich jas dollars
Description Interview with Chen Yunlin: cross-strait direct central issue will be the forum (Figure) - Chen Yunlin, the cross-strait direct shipping - long urban Chen strait economic and trade exchanges on April 13, CCTV's &quot;Oriental Horizon&quot; special broadcast &quot;interview in Taiwan Affairs Office Director - Chen Yunlin,&quot; The following is the program Record: The explanation this time a year ago, May 2005 On 3 May, the Chinese Kuomintang Chairman Lien Chan of the KMT delegation led by the end of the trip to the mainland concern. In five common vision Lien talks with President Hu Jintao agreed in cross-strait economic and trade forum held is an important part of it. However, the original plan in late December last year, the forum held in Taipei, but because of the Taiwan authorities not to approve, failure to schedule held in Taipei. In March, China KMT proposed to move the continent forum held by the two sides agreed, April 14, the first two days of the opening of cross-strait economic forum in Beijing. Moderator: Chen again in April last year, four-month, cross-strait exchanges to turn the page, in April of this year, we have ushered in the cross-strait economic and trade forum, organized so that you feel in such a situation significance in that forum? Chen: I think this event is necessary, but also very urgent. It's one of the reasons it is the cross-strait economic cooperation from the beginning to now has twenty years time. About 1987 we started a cross-strait economic and trade exchanges and economic cooperation, already has a considerable scale. Today, Taiwan-funded enterprises in China has more than forty thousand of the. We approved the project mainland Taiwan-funded enterprises have sixty-eight thousand in number. So indirect trade and direct trade between the two sides, especially in recent years have developed particularly fast. So last year has exceeded ninety billion (USD), now a forward one hundred billion mark a breakthrough. So Taiwan in recent years to get from the middle of the annual indirect trade and direct <a href="">woolrich jas</a> trade with the mainland more and more surplus last year for the first time more than six billion (dollars) surplus, which is a huge number, then this sixty billion (dollars) surplus that is, if the accumulated <a href="">Woolrich Parka</a> twenty years, the time of the year is actually indirect and direct cross-strait trade is about it for ten years, then the total figure, we cross between trade over five hundred billion (dollars), nearly to five hundred billion, more than four hundred ninety-six billion (USD). So such a huge direct and indirect trade between the two sides of Taiwan makes pure surplus obtained $ 332.6 billion, which may greatly exceed the bottom of the Taiwan foreign exchange deposit now. Many Taiwanese see me talking about cross-strait economic and trade are particularly crucial to direct trade and indirect trade of Taiwan's economic development. So the more <a href="">woolrich sale</a> developed accordingly brought many new situations and new problems, which we urgently need to seriously