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Created 2013-12-03
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Title Know baby underwear
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?<p> baby is a baby is the most personal clothing, so the fabric must be soft, gentle, cotton texture for baby's delicate skin without irritation, safety and no pollution, so the baby was wearing comfort, my mother was assured. Hard-working moms give baby a bath every day, you can not ignore the change underwear Oh, baby fast metabolism, need to be replaced to keep clean underwear every day. <br /> baby requires a temperature change underwear, health status and other conditions, if conditions permit, it is best to replace every day. The so-called basic conditions necessary means: a place warm locker; baby body at this stage is very healthy (no colds, diarrhea and other symptoms); mother "serve" baby locker action quickly and dressing skills strong. Because the baby fast metabolism, body sweat and dander of the day will certainly be soiled underwear. Therefore, more attention should replace winter underwear, stay dry and comfortable, this is more conducive to the healthy development of the baby. In order to be able to wash a comfortable baby bath bath in cold weather, is not easy to catch a cold, can be equipped with a heater in the house, drove ahead before taking a bath, so the bathroom is warm for some time, you can give your baby a bath shower it! <br /> choose baby, pay attention to choose a lighter color, but do not overlook the small details, trademarks optional sewing underwear on the outside, because some mark in your underwear, the fix will be cut when the hand cut outside Clothes, on the other hand will not grind to a cut in place young baby's skin. Taking into account the details of an underwear factory, trademark clothing in general they will be easily knocked off a pick, buy this clothing most worry. Because foreign slight irritation may also be tender baby skin affected, and therefore, the quality of baby skin wear underwear on and the baby's health has a direct relationship. So for the baby to buy lingerie should pay attention to the following issues: <br /> 1 security. Try to choose light color underwear, in general, better color fastness such clothing. Should choose white cotton underwear attention, really natural, without white fluorescent agent, is soft white, or a little bit yellow. <br /> 2. shrink problem. Because children are mostly cotton knitted underwear, therefore, must be selected when purchasing low shrink, more relaxed style of underwear, but do not have much size, otherwise it will affect the baby's physical activity. <br /> 3. styles. a) crotch even sleep at night is best to wear underwear, so you can not protect the navel cold; b) Since the baby's head is large, choose the appropriate shoulder openings, v-neck or cardigan, so easy to wear off; <br /> 4. firm level. There underwear when choosing decorations must be checked before wearing ornaments firm level, not wearing underwear <a href="" target="_blank">accessories</a> too. <br /> 5. packaging. Complete instructions for use should be selected, clearly marked goods, the product quality is relatively assured. Before giving the baby clothes, fixtures and outside packaging, such as a variety of thread, needles, decorative buckles, pins, etc., should all be removed; And the label sewn on the inside of the underwear is also best to be removed so as not to hurt the baby skin. <br /> look at the next baby step change underwear: <br /> 1, prepare a soft thick towels or baby bathrobe, a front button leotard. <br /> 2, and adjust the room temperature, the robes and wear clothes with a hair dryer, heater, etc. preheated contact with the face does not feel cool clothes appropriate. <br /> 3, Note ** hands should be warm, feeling cold, then hot water to soak for a while. <br /> 4, preheated bathrobe and underwear soft place flat on a flat, fast to just showered or just undressed baby bag into the bath towels. <br /> 5, open the upper body, in order to wear into two sleeves, buttoned buttons. <br /> 6, bathrobes cover the upper body, lower body wear into the clothes, buttoned. This would put the baby's underwear. </P>
?<p> recommend the purchase of a new children's underwear should be worn once, then thoroughly washed and washed the baby's underwear,<a href="">cheap lingerie china</a>, the clothes should be washed separately from adults, and should use special baby laundry detergent or soap powder. </P>