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Created 2013-12-02
Owner mintinnjid
Title Ugg Bambina deputy director of the 3rd
Description SEPA: initial results limited batch basin shut down 400 companies - News
(Reuters) Environmental Protection Administration Pan Yue, deputy director of the 3rd, as of August 17, a total clean-up around 1162 illegal enterprises and projects, promote industrial restructuring approved limit areas. But overall curb high energy consumption and high pollution industry capacity expansion needed to fully strengthen environmental protection system construction. It is understood that the 1162 clean-up illegal businesses and projects, has closed down 400, suspend production for rectification 249, deadline control 102; recovery of <a href="">Canada Goose Online</a> sewage charges 725 million yuan, a fine of 7.87 million yuan. "'Limited batch' is not an end, but in order to promote regional limited batch determined to adjust the industrial structure." Pan For example, as early Xiangfen County has eliminated 800,000 tons of coke, 1.8 million tons of pig iron, 8,000,000 tons of coal washing, 80 tonnes of concentrate powder, 70,000 tons of recycled paper and 100,000 tons of chemical products, involving fixed assets over 20 million yuan. Bayannao'er shut banned Wulateqianqi built in smelting companies 66 before construction is approved, do not meet industrial policy projects, including three coking plants, 27 small blast furnace ironmaking, three small refining copper, five copper concentrator, 6 iron plant, four lead-zinc concentrator, a gold plant for the development of national industrial policy and local development planning project meets vacated aggregates. Silver company sulfuric acid mist pollution Silver City is an old problem difficult to solve for many years, driven by limited batch of sulfuric acid mist pollution control projects with a total investment of 393 million yuan on August 10, officially started construction, with a total investment of 294.8 million yuan silver ISP smelting company three environmental technology transformation project funds have been put in place. Members <a href="">Canada Goose Sverige</a> of the public hearing is also to improve the urban sewage treatment silver price expressed understanding and support. Pan Yue said, "restrictions" after all, is a special administrative measures, regional limited batch of all cities in just a small part. Another example is to explore the establishment of <a href="">Canada Goose Deutschland</a> effective environmental protection; want to solve the problem globally, the need to create a routine, more structured system, such as the establishment of environmental accountability and assessment system officials; such as to establish a sound system of environmental economic policies Inspectors system. Prior to these systems and policies are not established, the SEPA will deploy all the forces of polluting enterprises have had to rectify the ongoing follow-inspectors, for approval by the EIA businesses are cashing checks ongoing environmental commitment. (End)