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Category Racing car parts
Created 2013-11-28
Owner mintinnjid
Title Ugg Shop Online almost as a vegetative state
Description ." Ms Wu said. Profoundly wary of her family on her husband's family feels her mother-in-law to give up Xiao Hu Jing treatment means. Because there have been a warning: In early 2000, Hu Jing's father because of drinking vomit, vomit into the trachea, causing brain hypoxia, almost as a vegetative state, seeing no hope of recovery, Hu Jing's husband to give up treatment, Hu Jing's father died last . The text of a brother denies, saying that his father died for other reasons, not because they give up treatment. Ms. Hu Hu Jing's sister trying to make themselves and others believe that my sister would wake up. She said that on several occasions with the text of a conversation, hoping to convince him that Hu Jing will restore health, no matter what, do not give up. To prevent accidents