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Created 2013-11-26
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Title canada goose jackets uk but in fact
Description Photographer shot with autistic children in families of children suffering three years, said few people understand - Social News - News Jinan Shandong News _ Shun Net News
http://www.e23.cn2012-04-05 Xinmin Evening News photographer with a camera to record the last 3 years the survival status of autistic <a href="">Chanel Deutschland</a> children and their parents look forward to the baby, find me a nice hello a picture is worth a thousand words, not to mention it is once lasted three years, up to tens of thousands of photos of documentary photography. Photographer Zheng tracking shot in Shanghai more than a dozen children with autism, children with all the real life situation, the expectations of parents in despair, and his own cry, through the network and blog unfolded. Zheng will be concentrated for the graphic work "lone star child," including more than 20 pages more than 80 pictures, the parents of children with autism has caused a big stir. "See" real autism "lone star child" in the shooting of more than 10 autistic children, the symptoms are not the same person. Pictures of children, <a href="">Chanel Borse Prezzi</a> some like to pee in the bed, and the urine is a three-year; some daytime drowsiness, noisy at night due to self-mutilation and often badly battered; some can be played guitar and drums, seemingly smart and others is no different, but in fact, normal conversation with people poor and lack of logic; although some children into ordinary schools, but said he was pathetic, a friend did not, and still learning to add and subtract three days; Some prefer the bus, car trip transfer the vehicle, shuttle bus to the supper from the white car, a month traveling expenses can fall a thousand dollars; Some three years ago, singing and dancing, but suddenly inexplicable high fever, lost almost overnight language and cognitive skills. Emotional "bystander" about autistic children first shot, Zheng's thoughts back three years ago, then, a friend invited him to attend a mini gathering of parents of autistic children, the venue has several bit autistic children. The whole party, they are free from home, no one else. Zheng's heart was heavy: "Although they have a beautiful face, body language can be no lively, rich facial expressions, unable to enjoy parental care, which is also missing parenting parents wonderful experience, only those on the sufficient to cause very sad. "So he began to lift the camera, at the expense of countless weekend to participate in the Shanghai parents of autistic children fraternity of almost every important meetings and activities, and went to the children's home. Take pictures, upload blog, he will seek the views of parents, respect their privacy and image rights. Parents become familiar with the obligations "photographer", and parents are most like to see is "sensitive perception photography blog" in the "Care Autism" column, so far, 61. Zheng spectator perspective and commentary full of emotion, and often make parents very frustrating, for example, in his "drumming team's F4" wrote: "four handsome guy, still four monorail, each silently forward , there is no intersection and interaction, despite many years accompanied. "so that the whole community to understand autistic children" in one of the few media reports, many autistic children are playing a pianist, violinist prodigy, memory genius, but did not see them scenery behind the true state, and the vast majority of autistic children family hardship. "Zheng loudly, do not misunderstand autism groups. Perhaps it is because children with autism have a different mental retardation, cerebral palsy, Down's children with the same good looks, it can not easily be understood by society. As everyone knows, almost every child has quirks and obsessive-compulsive disorder, maybe in the bus, subway, parks, restaurants will "burst", but simply ignore intimidation and discourage parents, therefore, tend to suffer even disdainful of others abusive, parents of autistic children thus under great psychological pressure. So many pictures, almost every one characteristic, that is the children's eyes rarely truly autonomous right into the lens. They do not really respond to the love of parents, these parents even want to use the child's life in exchange for a soulful gaze, however, that the average family is simple enough request, it became the parents of children who can not expect to achieve them countless times in my heart calling: "Baby, you can have a <a href="">Canada Goose</a> good look at me do!" Zheng said, this way, he will always go on, because the whole society has learned to understand and then from the care and help people with autism, there is still a long way to go. (Kim Heng)