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Created 2013-11-22
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Title Canada Goose Jakke and nurses explained later
Description hospital appointments phone, I did not think that he was being &quot; Akira &quot;a bit. &quot;Earlier this year to the hospital, I call ahead reservation number, saying it was 9:30 to the clinic can be, I did not expect to go still need to line up to wait for half an hour.&quot; Lee told reporters that he followed Booking ahead of time 5 minutes to the clinic and found that he was about to respiratory specialist outpatient ago lined with several people, and nurses explained later, he was told to continue queuing, etc. in front of these sick after reading it to get into clinic , but also to their registration registration window, &quot;I had thought that the nurse <a href="">Gucci Taschen</a> has already registered a single print well, I <a href="">Sac Gucci Pas Cher</a> came to see a doctor will be able to turn in the money, so a toss, did not save a little time.&quot; Lee said, after This time agonizing, he was thoroughly disappointed make an appointment, or according to the hospital after the old program. &quot;Or get a registration form practical&quot; make an appointment from the previous appointment procedures and patient point of view, make an appointment generally eliminates the need for patients to wait at least half an hour, make an appointment may be why the number was so small? Reporters in the hospital, before the window several patients <a href="">Gucci Sito Ufficiale</a> were interviewed, they said over the phone to make an appointment registration, can the other party if the registration error, and he went to the hospital would not be outsmarted, even if successful, if a lot of people lined up waiting, his sudden Would not go jump the queue will be scolded, no need to look for this trouble. The answer is that more people do not know this appointment registration form. &quot;Or more practical to get the registration form, need to take a good few telephone appointment procedures, as long as a place out of the question himself futile trip, call a few cents are white flowers.&quot; 59-year-old Ms. Sui yesterday in the city hospital queue up, she said he would rather queue up to the hospital, but doctors are basically able to see their own rafts, few patients get together situation. Fang said that the court did not dare too much reservation number &quot;make an appointment mainly to resolve the relatively tight specialist clinics, but in fact are not many such specialists in Qingdao, patient treatment in general can queue up in the morning.&quot; A three hospital medicine experts, experts in general outpatient morning can see 25 patients, patients with rare white queuing phenomenon. Relative to queue up, hospital appointment registration restrictions on the number of general, if an appointment too many patients waiting queue will be &quot;very angry.&quot; Downtown Hospital Cancer Clinic Experts said the hospital appointment register now generally one hour at most five or six reservation number, waiting too much will affect the patient's mood. &quot;For the inserted number problem, we have a dilemma, how to coordinate the appointment registration and queue