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Created 2013-11-19
Owner jlkknchinid
Title Canada Goose Pas Cher 000 yuan of money
Description Bijie "Daughter of Darkness" cracked murder disapprove arrested - News
2 28 afternoon, Bijie <a href="">Gucci Bags</a> City police held a news conference of external communications: After four consecutive days and nights fighting occurred in the town of Bijie City in Changchun, "Daughter of Darkness" has been solved successfully arrested the suspect Zhang Xuehai. At 1:00 on February 24, Bijie City, Changchun Town, Shen Tuncun 31-year-old middle-aged women Wie, 7-year-old daughter was only seven months Dandan and the youngest daughter of the baby (they were all a pseudonym) was killed suddenly fall at home. Wie and Dandan died and was sent to the Provincial Hospital for emergency treatment for 7 months baby has died due at noon on the day of death. "Daughter" attracted police attention Bijie, Secretary Chen silver, FU Xiao, deputy director of the night to lead the criminal investigation, technical personnel to the scene to carry out investigation and visited the survey. Police investigation after night after confirmation, Changchun Town Village Xing camp Zhangguanying group of villagers Zhang Xuehai a major crime suspects. At this time Zhang Xuehai had fled. That night, the night Bijie City police deployed more than 100 police set up Zhuibu Zu, and developed a detailed arrest program. Bijie City police quickly dispatched Guiyang side sent the train station, bus station, Zhazuo toll stations, bus stations Bijie, two toll stations, etc. 14 Fort Point for 24 hours and set up card inventory, while <a href="">Chanel UK</a> the town center in Changchun, the surrounding township manhunt, while the Bijie city hotels, public places of entertainment and rental households began a blanket inventory, and to neighboring counties Xiechatongbao requesting closely with surveillance, to create synergy for Zhang Xuehai start arresting. February 28 at 7 pm, in the Office of Bijie City Banqiao chating toll set card inventory of Criminal Investigation a squadron commander Mao Jiaxing, deputy squadron Chenzhong Rui Wu heart and civilian vehicles in inventory of the past and found that a passenger three motorcycles have a middle-aged man acting suspiciously. When the police were approached to prepare its inventory, the man then jumped motorcycles and ready to flee. Mao Jiaxing, who quickly go to catch up, the man pressed down to the ground. After Tushen verify that this person is to kill Wie mother and three fled after four days of Zhang Xuehai. According to Zhang Xuehai confessed that a few years ago he and Zhu (Dandan and the baby's uncle) gambling lost more than 18,000 yuan of money, hanged himself in preparation for having been discouraged. February 23 evening, Zhang Xuehai and gambling with the nearby villagers and lost more than 5,000 yuan of money, but in the presence of Zhu after he lost the money, actually when people taunt him, so he hates mind <a href="">Gucci Online Shop</a> on Zhu Mouhuai and ready to retaliate. That night, Zhang Xuehai handheld Zhu Sha Zhudao sneaked home ready to retaliate, because they did not encounter Zhu, Zhang Xuehai carrying their brother Zhu Sha Zhudao sneaked into the house, and the Zhu's sister Wie two nieces to kill, then fled into the mountains. (Author: Qin Yi Zhu Guanglun)