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Created 2013-11-16
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Title Botas Ugg Baratas followed by three attack
Description Chinese Olympic men's basketball team defeated Lebanon Wang Zhelin 10 20 +6 Guoshao downturn - Sport - Shun Net News http://www.e23.cn2012-09-17 06:47:52 Tencent Sports Briefs: Men held in Japan's fourth Asian Cup group match third game days, the Chinese men's basketball Olympic team second Day crash, opponents hit a 8-25, and ultimately to 69-89 loss to defending champion Lebanon, the first two group stage wins and 1 loss. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16 message, the fourth held in Japan Asian Cup group stage third basketball game days, the Chinese men's basketball Olympic team second crash, opponents hit a 8-25, and ultimately to 69 -89 lost to defending champion Lebanon, the first two group stage wins and 1 loss. The game, the Olympic team 65 cast hit 26 balls, hitting only 40 percent, the audience appeared 19 turnovers, rebounding 31 less than the opponent 5, 12 assists and Lebanon are not 18; Lebanese team 61 cast 30, where thrown into the 14 three-pointers. Personal data, the Olympic team 5 double, Zhaotailong 12 points and grabbed nine rebounds, Zhang Dayu 12 points, Duanjiangpeng 11 points, Wang Zhelin 10 points and six rebounds, 10 points Cao Yan, Guo Allan (microblogging ) 6 points, Sui Ran (microblogging) 4 points and 5 assists and 4 steals; Lebanese side, top players Hati Bu almost played in the audience, surrendered 25 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists and four steals comprehensive data. Before related in the first group stage, with all the main Olympic team played in the Philippine team fight to the last one, the fourth quarter was 7 points behind them, under the strong performance in Guo Allan Fortunately turnaround, 3 points win. Once appeared in the game as long as 20 minutes the lights go out events. Today's rival Lebanese <a href="">Canada Goose Prix</a> team is the last game of the championship, the team of the tournament the team has been more emphasis on that this is still a full lineup expedition sent to Japan. Team in the &quot;Asia's first small forward,&quot; said the Hati Bu - Fadi, when the Philippines in the opener against eye-catching performance, scored 24 points and 15 rebounds. The first section of the game play: Olympic team intended to play fast, both sides third number one Zhe Lin Biao basket first for the Chinese team to get two points, 2-0. Lebanon in the next wave hit the ball back in the 2-3. The first section, the Olympic team's offensive faster, and faster to recover the body fat bottom line ball counterattack tactics often effective, Zhaotailong and Duanjiangpeng have settled down in the other case no hit three-pointers ,17-9, points difference gradually opened. Section before the end of Lebanon's top star Hati Bu arc also in long shot ,22-15, Olympic team lead seven minutes into the second section. Second section: Olympic comprehensive misfiring attack, a single crash, five minutes was punched 5-23 squad Sun Zhe first direct the ball tucked the ball in the hands of each other, followed by three attack, the Olympic team were selected in outside shot, but the ball is not in the Olympic team three minutes no points ,22-17. Guo Allan conflict points, Zhaotailong finally hit the long shot in the bottom corner ,25-17. In contrast the Lebanese side, hit rate is low enough, the second hit five minutes, it just hit a half basket, a bit impatient they even threw in the attack on the ball directly to the audience. Lebanon moratorium once again back in the game after the Olympic team's offense still has not improved much, it touches on Lebanon through substitutions, outside fire suddenly came sight after another thrown into the four three-pointers, go-ahead score Olympic team, 30 -31. Section II before the end of the Olympic team continues to slump, one after another clean sheet over the basket to give the opponent the opportunity, even in Lebanon nine points after halftime, 30-40. The second half of the Olympic team by his opponent hit a 5-23. Three: Wangzhe Lin scoring, attacking some improvement after the intermission, the two sides Easy side battles, Wang Zhelin basket hit six points ,36-45. Guo Allan dribble, pull-up jumper ,40-46. Olympic team's offense has improved the speed of lowering sense and opponents battle positions. Zhang Dayu basket turned hook shot ,46-50. However, the Olympic team's defense was always looming in the score leakage occurs when people were picked up in the basket a lot of Lebanese easy scoring opportunities. End of the third ,51-60. Distal: poor defense, Guo Allan Olympic lose more and more free throws to get through the first two points, followed by Cao Yan sudden foreign investment within a person to get 5 points. But the Lebanese side of the attack more efficient, the first four shots without a miss, including two three-pointers ,58-70, the points difference is widening. Eventually, after the collapse of the Olympic team from Section II, no longer difficult to find an effective defensive strategy. The final stage of the match, and eat his opponent 7-0, <a href="">Chanel Taschen</a> without any comeback hopes. Full score, the Chinese Olympic 69-89 Lebanon. Olympic team starter: Sui <a href="">Chanel</a> Ran, Zhaotailong, Duan Jiang Peng, Wang Zhelin, Yu Changdong Olympic team's third group matches will be in Beijing at 13:00 on September 17 war, opponents Uzbekistan.