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Created 2013-11-11
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Title Ugg Sales give talent a broader stage
Description Rao &quot;three plus one&quot; option Yinzhi new wind blowing talent Heilongjiang Daily August 16 hearing some time ago, a &quot;Raohe institutions open recruitment for the national 2012 Graduate Announcement&quot; appears in a number of news media. For a time, Rao, this little-known small border counties, attracted top students in colleges and universities outside the province after another. 31-year-old Ma Yan graduated from Inner Mongolia University History and Tourism College, repeatedly participated in various national recruitment. Why Rao? He said: &quot;Rao historic resources and heritage relatively heavy, and I have learned here can be fully professional play.&quot; Urgent cited only Rao is a national poor counties, &quot;nine eighteen ridge slope, XXXVI hooked Rao River &quot;is akin to finding far Rao has told a true portrayal. Despite today's traffic situation has considerably changed, but whenever the distance Shuangyashan there four or five hours drive away, people always helplessly shook his head, Rao is like paradise in general, beautiful but inaccessible. Geographical limitations, so unable to retain local talent, other towns not to recruit talent, high-level professional talent shortage has become a bottleneck restricting the development of county economy. County government strongly recognizes talent for the future development of the significance of Rao, they put the &quot;talent county&quot; strategy as a top priority of the county's economic and social development, adhere to the &quot;one hand and internal personnel selection and training, on the one hand to mention other towns Talents effect. &quot; Especially in the provincial government to accelerate along the Ussuri four counties (city) the strategic requirements of urbanization, the demand for talent is particularly urgent. County party secretary Shang Delong at various conferences said the maximum sentence is &quot;the introduction of talent.&quot; County to promote the introduction of talents urbanization as a major move into the county's long-term talent development plan, in a prominent position. Clearly put forward from 2012 onwards, the use of three to five years, with full-time jobs first undergraduate degree, a bachelor's degree or more, and intermediate professional titles, have some practical experience in various professional talents of more than 200, so that the county personnel team building into the &quot;fast track.&quot; Treatment retention how to recruit talent both come also retain the key is to let people &quot;home.&quot; County Financial regard willing to invest 500,000 yuan this year they are incurred specifically for the introduction of outstanding talent shortage, training and incentives, and proposed future talents of special funds annually to achieve the level of financial income of 1%. Career preparation according to the county total, took 64 career preparation for the introduction of high-level professionals. Business unit personnel to be employed <a href="">Gucci Deutschland</a> in preparing personnel enjoy the same treatment given to high wages given a special care. Need to solve the housing, the county government based on the actual situation, arranging talent apartment. Meanwhile in the pension insurance, job classification, political treatment, it is also given a corresponding preferential policies. Candidates from Daqing to shut Mostly Rao has been living and working for some time, she felt a lot: &quot;Rao mountain good water good men better, so that the ecological environment and human environment is very attractive.&quot; Reasonable people can use them to stay too live, will eventually be used well, give talent a broader stage, let it play to the fullest. Raohe not simply quoted posts arranged on the whereabouts of the candidates, but according to each candidate's graduate schools, the profession and experienced performance and other factors to determine their most appropriate location, try to explore writing skills test, interview assessment, physical examination trainee assessment &quot;three plus one&quot; of the assessment model, <a href="">Gucci Taschen</a> break the current widespread public election method is simple to obtain and some public election officers who Gaofendineng problem areas through a series of steps, the final decision to go <a href="">Chanel UK</a> each candidate stay. Sonja is a graduate of the University of Heilongjiang purposes beneficiaries who post match her column in the reporting unit is filled County Museum, assessment at the end of her total score is first. County Leading Group under the open recruitment exercise her writing skills test and interview session outstanding performance, she was placed in the county office. This result, Sonja surprise, after a period of novitiate, she gradually adapted to the characteristics of the work of organs and rhythm, she was confident of the future. Graduated from Dalian Ocean University in aquaculture professional Chen Guanhua arrival, so Deng Fucheng County Aquatic station owners overjoyed, he has been suffering from their lack of professional and technical personnel, a lot of work not carried out. After this time the trainee, Chen Guanhua many ideas have been recognized Fisheries Station, Deng Fucheng