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Created 2013-10-25
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Description Yantai Foxconn employees internship students in the school can not shirk the task, said Li Yantai Foxconn mass recruit &quot;student army&quot;, in which some students not yet 16 years of age, were also asked to work overtime and night work. Yantai reasons for requiring each school vocational college students to Foxconn internship? A large number of students into internships Yantai Foxconn vocational college students in many recent sudden influx of Foxconn (Yantai) Technology Park. Shandong Business Vocational College student complained that a visual inspection done on the assembly line work, and the profession is not only okay, but also particularly hard. It is understood that from the beginning of September, Yantai municipal government asked to send students to the vocational college Foxconn practice. Some institutions the students are read directly from the junior high school graduates vocational, age is not large, some people have not at least 16 years of age. Reporter: How old are you ah? Over 16 years old? Student: not full, I December 1997 birthday. Reporter: When they come to see your ID card with you? Student: read. These students want to practice one to three months at Foxconn, Foxconn and general workers, need to do the work of the pipeline and logistics. Due to rush orders, overtime become the norm. In addition to overtime, the students also three rounds on Monday, the night shift. Night time is 20:00 to 5:00 the next morning, because of the need early roll call and overtime, night work is often a last 12 hours. But work until seven or eight o'clock at night is very common, and even the age of 16 students still have to work <a href="">Gucci Bags UK</a> overtime. Day shift and night shift have one hour of dinner time, but Yantai Engineering Vocational College a student under 16 years of age, said, could <a href="">Borse Gucci Outlet</a> not eat. Foxconn under 16 years old the night shift reporter learned that, in Yantai Foxconn factory, under 16-year-olds work more than others brand a line number, it can be clearly distinguished, and all students have submitted into the plant ID Card Copy pieces. Preliminary statistics, Yantai Engineering Vocational College in Foxconn internship students, under 16 years of shared &quot;fifty or sixty people,&quot; which some students were also asked to work overtime and night work. Reporter: One month to rest a few days it? A student under 16 years old: one day endlessly. Similarly there are internships at Foxconn Shandong Vocational College of Commerce, October 8, the school food, two professional accounting sophomore is required to practice. Since junior high school graduates on vocational education, Vocational College, Shandong Business many students still underage. Dean Li can not shirk the task Foxconn factory in Yantai, Building A17, the reporter saw most of the students look like faces, have been verified Zibo Vocational College, Yantai mechanical engineering senior technical schools, Yantai Engineering Vocational College and other students at school. For rush orders, Yantai Foxconn recruited many students? Shandong Vocational College of Commerce Department said an all Yantai city vocational colleges are under the &quot;dead Tasks&quot;, most of the schools sent more than 3,000 students. Reporter: We are a mission or can not go? Dean: There are tasks, this is a unified file Yantai municipal government, to have to go, do not have to go. The Department admitted that the school did not want to send students to practice, but Li's task &quot;shirk&quot;, Yantai Bureau also specifically sent a chief to Foxconn factory. Foxconn internship students to count &quot;Social Practice&quot;, the school has been specially stopped this part of the course. Reporter: government documents can be found online do? Head: online finding, the city government opened each school dean Council had a meeting we did not send, but also opened a second time will criticize us without naming the school. Other schools are &quot;eleven&quot; before he sent, and we want to push, and try not to send. Zone to compensate for recruitment to departments assessed Foxconn employment gap, in addition to Yantai local colleges and universities, many foreign school students also came to Yantai Foxconn practice. Even Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee also various government departments to apportion tasks. October 13 morning, located in Yantai Foxconn Technology Park in front of recruitment office, the worker complete the application form, a staff of Tourism Development, said Tourism Development Zone requires completion of 300 people for the Foxconn recruitment tasks. Close to noon, a Zone Urban Management Bureau staff with several workers came to the Registration Office, their task is 500. He said they Bureau <a href="">Gucci Online Shop</a> Staff only 200 people, a man two indicators must be completed, or year-end appraisal bonus deduction. Foxconn is the output of Shandong Province, the largest foreign-funded enterprises, the current park of about 80,000 people. Back in 2010, Shandong Province, people and Social Council Chamber issued a special notice to assist Yantai Foxconn recruitment. How many people currently Yantai Foxconn missing? It is said: here &quot;urgent hiring 20,000.&quot;