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Created 2013-10-24
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Title canada goose jacket 2009
Description Shanxi many new elements appeared in the Fair
Vice Governor Wang a new hope for investors and entrepreneurs, to come and seize development opportunities in Shanxi WASHINGTON (trainee reporter Li Xiao) May 18 - May 20, 2009, the Eighth Central China Investment and <a href="">Chanel Deutschland</a> Trade Expo (referred to as the Fair ) held in Zhengzhou. In the 18th at the Eighth Central China Investment and Trade Expo Shanxi transformation across the innovation-driven Promotion and investment projects to promote the meeting, Vice Governor of Shanxi Province, a new <a href="">Chanel Handtaschen</a> king noted that in August 2012, national resource-based economy in Shanxi comprehensive reform test area by the State Council approved the overall program, which is Shanxi opportunity, but also the central region of the opportunity, it is an opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. He wants to use this opportunity in the Fair, we can learn more about the comprehensive reform pilot area of ??preferential policies, sharing Shanxi build national resource-based economy comprehensive reform pilot area development opportunities, hoping to deepen the field of transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, emerging industries, cultural tourism field, technological innovation, personnel training areas to further strengthen cooperation and achieve win-win situation. Expo Central China to implement the "1 +3" program, the main venue located in Zhengzhou City, the venue is located in Luoyang, Luohe and Sanmenxia City. Main venue located in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, second floor hall, with a total area of ??65,000 square meters. Shanxi exhibition floor exhibition area of <a href="">Canada Goose Expedition Parka</a> ??500 square meters, the main highlight the "transformation across, rebuilt in Shanxi," the idea to the country's only province domain reform pilot area of ??the plastic image, set to take the "3 +1" model, including the opening facilitate the transition across, innovation-driven push forward structural adjustment, run the "two big" recycling new Shanxi and multimedia presentations and samples, models show. Characteristics of goods in our province the second floor exhibition area of ??1200 square meters exhibition area, combined with the province's industrial characteristics, selected Fen, Vinegar, small grains, food, daily necessities, handicrafts and other categories of 19 exhibiting companies. Highlights: The new, real, full Shanxi exhibition in graphic boxes, multimedia and physical models show combined exhibition mainly Huaneng peripheral wall carbon industrial park represented, showing Shanxi black industry green development ideas, while incorporating the spirit of Shanxi, history, culture, folk art and other elements, the overall showing a "new, real and comprehensive" three highlights. "New", embodied in the "new industries, new system, new areas, new opportunities, new Shanxi" five aspects. "Real", embodied in the "real content, form solid, objective reality and tasks solid" four aspects. "Full", reflected in the propaganda "outstanding overall development objectives, development of comprehensive and diverse, specific and comprehensive development advantages," three aspects. Change: Innovation pragmatic and efficient compared with the previous model, the eighth province to participate in the Fair in content and form with the new changes. First, participants scale compression, reducing the number of participants. Members of the delegation from the 22 units was reduced to 10, the staff from last year's 3,000 people who control less than 2,000 this year. Second, innovative participants mode, focusing on pragmatic and efficient. The province this year's special promotion activities increase in the content of comprehensive reform pilot area, the Central Plains Economic Zone briefing. Also, invite the world's top 500 Standard Chartered Bank, Germany D