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Created 2013-10-23
Owner jlkknchinid
Title Ugg Greece located in the town of Long Ping Road
Description Matter of "Se" for your peace: Se road wider and wider
scarcity. Since rich in selenium was found in peace, since the use of, the land here thus becomes precious. Today, <a href="">Cheap Chanel Bags</a> the tranquil county played a Chang "Se" brand more and more concerns of the community, but also enriched the road wider and wider. Ping'an enriched soil area of ??up to 600 square kilometers, with an average selenium content 0.44mg/kg, higher than the national soil background values, which are sufficient selenium or selenium-rich soil enriched medium level of selenium a time became sleeping in GUYI earth baby. In recent years, Ping An has always been committed to the development of agricultural and livestock products and Se Se brand cultivation, Ping An Jinji enriched with selenium content of 0.26mg/kg campus of red grape, for example, issued a selenium-rich agricultural use special signs After grapes value increased by 2 to 3 times. The same changes also occurred in the agricultural products processing enterprises, located in the town of Long Ping Road, a specially machined enriched garlic sauce is a condiment manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales, foreign trade as one of the diversified products business, in this business The production line has gone from agricultural and livestock processing to enter the market a procedure, but also to tens of thousands of bottles streamlined garlic sauce gradually embarked on the public table, also gradually popular in major markets outside the province. Because of selenium, so that the original ordinary garlic sauce and shortly became a "grassroots star", worth rose, sales were brisk. <a href="">Gucci Online Shop</a> According Ping'an Se plateau modern agricultural demonstration park management office director Li Qiang introduction: "tranquil county development plan will be based on selenium overall <a href="">Gucci Handtaschen</a> requirements, within the region of deep processing of agricultural and livestock products and enterprises carry out random testing finds, based on the rich Selenium local standards promulgated enriched product-specific signs. "Today, there are 12 enterprises settled in peace Se parks, more than ten million yuan annual output value of enterprises, selenium resource driven specialty agriculture, benefit agriculture, the resource advantages into economic advantages of the effect has been highlighted in peace, peace Se the road will also be wider and wider. (Author: Leifa En Masheng Qing Lin Qianqian)