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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
Created 2013-10-22
Owner ztntwentyd
Title Canada Goose Online the timely rescue
Description Graduate work was not found home farming father commit suicide &quot;Farmers <a href="">Chanel Handtaschen</a> graduate,&quot; the dream life October 11, Youku shot off Upload Video &quot;graduate home farming father gave up the ghost poison&quot;, many web forums have forwarded a lot of friends in a review, saying that &quot;knowledge is difficult to change the fate of . &quot; According to the survey, the hero of this video is the modern history of China, Hebei University graduate professional 2008 Weifang Miao Miao father was rescued out of danger. 41-year-old seedlings Weifang, but had become a success PubMed Baoding Fuping willow village pride, but now it has become the villagers to educate their children &quot;negative example.&quot; He really is &quot;Useless&quot; footnotes do? Why would he choose to go home farming? He's kind of hidden behind the tragedy? The reporter approached Miao Weifang, interpret this &quot;peasant graduate.&quot; Graduate home farming father gave up the ghost poison at 22:00 on May 25, Township of Baoding, Hebei Fuping County South Willow Village. Miao Weifang 63-year-old mother slept woke up and found that 67-year-old wife Miao Feng-shan still sleeping, she even pushed a few to him are unconscious. She was afraid, and wake up next to the eldest son, rushed hurriedly Miao Fengshan Fuping County Hospital. After the medical examination, the proposed major hospitals sent to the provincial capital. That night, Miao Feng-shan was sent to Hebei Medical University Affiliated Yiling Hospital. Blood test found his blood pills ingredients