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Created 2013-10-20
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Title Chanel Taschen improve attention
Description Yemen, 90 percent men are keen to soft drugs khat addict are enjoying khat Yemenis. According to statistics, more than 50% of the plastic waste is discarded bunch of addicts, resulting into a plastic garbage capital Sana'a capital. Yemeni capital Sanaa, is the world's longest continuously inhabited cities in the world, has a history of 2,500 years. Yemen Arab man's favorite tea, is a soft drug. NetEase Explore May 24 reported Sanaa Yemen is not only the capital but also the world of the &quot;plastic garbage of all.&quot; This situation caused a culprit is soft drug khat. In Yemen,<a href="">Chanel Taschen</a>, about 90% of adult males enjoy this soft drugs, 50% of plastic waste is discarded by a group of drug addicts. In pollute the environment at the same time, the tea industry is also crazy Arab consuming this on the shortage of water resources in Yemen. According to experts estimate, Sanaa in 2025 could be reduced to a waterless capital,<a href="">The North Face Nederland</a>, has since become a ghost town. In early April, the newly elected President Hadi of Yemen Air Force Commander fried Mohammed Saleh Ahmar squid. Huff, he and his men Ahmar forces surrounded Sanaa airport, threatening to shoot down any attempt airliner landing at the airport. Threatened, the Yemeni civil aviation authorities closed the airport to prohibit all incoming and outgoing flights taking off and landing. However, this storm will soon subside. Ahmar surrender their power on the second day, the airport resumed operations. This time the event once again shows that the political instability in Yemen, facing a series of challenges. Yemen is a beautiful but poor country is facing all sorts of challenges. Only in April this month, Yemen, there were countless &quot;big news&quot; - Tsunami warning, monsoon rains triggered floods, and the &quot;base&quot; Qaeda militants at war, drone attacks, Blackouts by Somali pirates warning. U.S. Department of State a consultant recommended the American public not to travel to Yemen. In addition to these challenges, Yemen has been &quot;plastic trash attack&quot;, especially in the capital Sanaa. Sanaa This is a very beautiful city, now the world has become garbage bags, piles of plastic bags filled with almost every corner. In these garbage, you can often see the figure of goats and cats will be a plastic bags shreds. The emergence of a large plastic garbage what the impact on the environment, we are self-evident. Plastic bags may need 500 years, or even longer to be biodegradable, is an abnormal powerful &quot;environmental enemy.&quot; Sanaa is the world's longest continuously inhabited cities in the world, has a history of 2,500 years. For humans,<a href="">Chanel Online Shop</a>, this is a very long time, but in terms of the plastic, but it is a cycle of life 5. Compared with other cities, garbage bags pose the greatest threat in Yemen. Yemenis like littering, it has become a habit. Windy day, red, blue and transparent plastic bag flying in the sky, and finally as a colorful blanket over the tree. In Sanaa, this scene everywhere. All countries are facing a plastic bag litter problem, in this regard, Yemen become a &quot;world leader.&quot; Plastic garbage bags of material reason why so rampant in Yemen is largely attributed to khat. According to statistics, about 90 percent of Yemen's adult males enjoy this soft drugs. Any time of the day, you can almost see the Yemenis chewing khat, becoming one of their routine. Yemenis working day is very short, from 9:00 to 14:00, after work began chewing khat. These addicts usually choose khat cozy corners to enjoy, such as sunny roof, placed beneath the soft body cushions, while enjoying khat, while watching the beautiful scenery. Khat typically use plastic bags, discarded packaging filled every corner of the street. According to statistics, more than 50% of the plastic waste is discarded bunch of junkies. While chewing khat is not much harm to the body, but the production of such soft drugs requires a lot of water. Now Sanaa is moving to become the world's first waterless capital's road ahead. According to experts estimate that as of 2025, over 170 million people will become an anhydrous Sana'a capital, since become a ghost town. Currently, there are about 60 percent of Yemen's water is used to irrigate the fields planting khat to meet the people's strong demand for khat. Plastic bag litter problem now is just the beginning, as time goes on, the problem will become more severe. In contrast, Saudi Arabia, Yemen's neighbors will never face this problem. In Saudi Arabia, khat is contraband, very severe punishment, in the khat trade may even be sentenced to death. In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other neighboring countries, trafficking in khat is also illegal, even holding khat also sentenced to life imprisonment. But in Yemen, khat been veneer of legality, is ingrained part of Yemeni culture. Trying to get rid of khat khat trade industry or to outlaw the ruling politicians never get over it. Yemenis are also aware of this problem, but they also pointed out that if there is no khat, the real Yemen would not exist. Khat had already become a part of their life. They think that chewing khat can make their own quips, consolidate friendship with others, improve attention, so that they get great satisfaction. Yemen, the new government faces many problems, such as the &quot;base&quot; organization, the high birth rate, extreme poverty and illiteracy, etc. These issues are important, but probably the most important is how the khat between industry and the lack of resources to implement a balance. Yemenis need to overcome the dependence on khat, and gradually get rid of this terrible habit, if this is not possible, they chew khat chewing while also own future.