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Created 2013-10-12
Owner ztntwentyd
Title Chanel Borse looking at the gravestone long
Description while being imperial persecution Mianguan home. Fortunately, death is not denied the Cemetery of the door. After the liberation, enrichment planting peach trees beside the tomb, to show honor. In addition to these well-known tomb of Konglin add cultural flavor,<a href="">Canada Goose Norge</a>, the thousands of pieces of the stele, many also famous. Such as the tomb of Confucius &quot;Wenxuan Wang Dacheng holy tomb&quot; monument, flat as I saw the &quot;Great Holy propaganda dry&quot;, &quot;King&quot; last word sacrifice a less grave cases were obscured. According to legend, Emperor Kangxi twenty-three years (1684), Kangxi went to Qufu Confucius, Confucius, he came to the tomb of marching yellow felt, looking at the gravestone long, silent and back in incurred Pavilion (phonetic [b&igrave;], refers to Imperial travel chariotest). Cited driving official Kong Shangren seeing this, immediately sent with yellow damask write &quot;first division&quot; word, covering the monument &quot;Wenxuan Wang&quot;, Kangxi, after that, immediately stepped forward line a kneeling three knock gift. Later, Kong Shangren explained: Jun apprentice not worship ancient king. In order to avoid future Qu Sheng Jia, sudden,<a href="">Chanel Borse</a>, this unpleasant thing, subsequently established a rock festival Beiqian case, just be able to &quot;King&quot; character block the finishing touches. Cemetery dating back 2400 years, where the ancient legends, anecdotes definitely a big basket. If you travel to Qufu, Cemetery is certainly worth a visit. Although the fare is more expensive (single buy 110 yuan, three-hole: Confucian Temple Cemetery Package 150 yuan), but others are 5A class,<a href="">Canada Goose Pas Cher</a>, worth the price. But exploring such monuments, it is recommended to do the next homework, or to the area, in addition to grave package is the tombstone, get your own dreary things. In addition to doing homework, then ask a local guide recommended, not only to know its width, but also know the why, if the tour mood, and might even hear words such as &quot;oil basket grave&quot;, Qianlong daughter marry &quot;world first a &quot;first family names and even how people buried in the Cemetery of the many anecdotes. about 2 kilometers from the city of Qufu more, went to the Cemetery. Here are entering Cemetery Shinto, free of charge. This Shinto up to 1000 m, dark green cypress cypresses, lined stand, Long dry twisted branches, mostly for the Song, Yuan era plant. vancomycin Square in Changchun Konglin Shinto, stone structure, six column five, fifth floor, veranda Dianding Square in the &quot;eternal Changchun,&quot; the word of the Ming Dynasty two years (1594) built at the beginning of the engraved. Place length 22.71 m, width 7.96 m. Qing Yongzheng rebuilt reinforcement. This picture was taken when direction is to the Cemetery. Cemetery Shinto end as &quot;holy forest&quot; wooden