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Created 2013-10-11
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Description After seven months since the &quot;price - down - and then raise prices - and then come down,&quot; the reincarnation, the container companies are still not given up the attempt to raise prices again, to try to reverse the decline in the first half of the losses, November 1 onwards, a new round of price increases tide will come again. &quot;The current tariff level is not very good, we've made on November 1st Asia-Europe routes starting price $ 950 / TEU's decision.&quot; Southern Region CEO Kudat Wei (David Skov) on the &quot;First Financial Daily&quot; reporters. reporter from (601866.SH), and a number of domestic COSCON also learned that two companies also have plans to continue to raise prices, which CSCL Asia-Europe routes also intends to raise $ 950 freight / TEU, The COSCO is announced from October 1 onwards, on the north-western Europe and the Mediterranean to the Far East and the Indian subcontinent routes eastbound cargo uniform freight rates per TEU $ 200 per 40-foot container $ 300. from July 1 onwards, liner companies price increase has been very large, and in later August and September, the liner companies also have up tariffs. CSCL an insider told reporters that the company is currently facing a tangle liner, this year even in the July to September the traditional peak season, container shipments have not seen substantial growth, and a large number of ships into the water continues to significantly push Up freight is not easy. According to statistics obtained by reporters, the Asia-Europe routes weeks in September than in July cumulative capacity allocation increased by about 3%, but a small peak before the National Day of the ship is not obvious, liner companies average space utilization will remain at about 85%, resulting in market freight rates continued since August unilateral downward trend,<a href="">Gucci Sito Ufficiale</a>, the majority of the decline in the $ 100 cruise / TEU above, part of the voyage even below the $ 700 minimum tariffs / TEU. &quot;according to the current tariff level, there are few shipping companies can be profitable, while the number of delivery of the ship in the second half than the first half even more, increasing the pressure on the shipping company.&quot; CSCL above who told reporters that . reporter has learned that this year's new ship increment above are basically very large 8000 TEU vessels, while the current global ship orders more than 8000 TEUs reached a total of 2.51 million TEUs, accounting for more than the current 8,000 TEU fleet size 49%, and this year began to enter the peak period of delivery of the ship. the world's largest shipping company Maersk, is a pioneer in custom-made ship. National Day period, Maersk ordered the world's largest container ship on the maiden voyage of Hong Kong, whereas before, the ship 3E class ships on routes between Asia and Europe have been carried out in the first three months of sailing, berthing in Asia and Europe, 13 ports . Currently, Maersk has received three 3E class ship, than the previous world's largest 15,500 TEUs &quot;Emma Maersk&quot; ship capacity has increased by 16%. Back in 2011, with South Korea's Daewoo Shipbuilding on Maersk signed a total of 20 18000 TEU3E class ships, these ships will be delivered complete in 2015, will continue this year alone five water. while in the last two years, there have been more and more following the Maersk shipping company before joining the ranks of custom-made boat million cases this year in May, CSCL also announced Hyundai shipbuilding order five 18,400 TEU capacity container ship, the first ship will be delivered in the middle of next year. In fact, some shipping companies accelerate shipbuilding, also is upset. Yu Liming,<a href="">Outlet Gucci</a>, vice president of China Merchants Group had noted that Maersk begin receiving the world's largest container ship, due to the rapid decline in the cost of a single ship more competitive, forcing other shipping companies can only be followed by stepping-made ship, Otherwise, you can not be competitive because the cost was off the market. &quot;We ordered the ship, not to increase market share, but to further reduce costs, with our existing energy-efficient compared to the E-Class ship, 3E-class ships can carry more than 2,500 containers, but its fuel consumption than E-Class vessels decreased by 20%. &quot;Kudat Wei told reporters, and in order to maintain the relative stability of freight rates, the company only in the big boat class 3E maintained 70 percent of stowage rate, and through the sale, lease, idle,<a href="">Borse Gucci Outlet</a>, etc. as much as possible to ensure the growth of fleet size consistent with market growth. &quot;container ship being rendered large-scale trend, currently million boxes ship has become into long-haul operations of 'tickets' and from the EU line to other routes extension of the million cases ship constantly operational, will squeeze small liner companies in the market so as to enhance market concentration, but this concentration is increased speed, relative to mergers and acquisitions is a very slow process. &quot;said analyst Ji Yuntao, for liner shipping companies are also through alliances, increasing the frequency and coverage made boat harbor reduce canvassing pressure. June of this year, Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM, France announced plans to form a long-term operation of the network called P3 alliance agreement, between Asia and Europe, the two sides and the two sides to carry out operations. If ultimately approved, the future EU line will show a PS, G6, CSCL and Evergreen CKYH three pillars, small companies will be subject to greater living space squeeze.