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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
Created 2013-10-07
Owner ztntwentyd
Title Canada Goose 2013.9.23 1. Orchids fragrant rain
Description Dreams are out of reach should not give up youth as torrential rivers never came back too late to say goodbye How many times over the years gone clutch joys and sorrows Faces teenager who envy Yan Mu Nanfei Ben future respective figure hurried lopsided I had a dream when an &quot;Old Boy&quot; Listen to how many people shed a tear, and pay homage once youth and had a dream. Young children look forward to the future, mature people are busy rushing, it was the way to go in achieving the dream, but the dream was the opposite. Perhaps success, perhaps regret, but the dream was never forgotten, those youthful memories forever. What is your dream? Your youth has a kind of a different story? to use your text tells the story of those years. Essay Time: days now until 10.20 Essay requirements: 1, article theme of their existing dreams, or carries the dream of youth, when the story of the struggle. 2, to original works, style is not <a href="">Chanel Online Shop</a> limited, unlimited number of words, not using the old draft. Each person can cast one. involved: Sohu blog post &quot;[youth and dreams]&quot; essay, and the address and the title of your article with the replies in this thread (both must have oh otherwise unable to determine your entry Xiaobian articles), followed by I nod in the post will be based on everyone's reply to the article summary entry list. blog entries have the opportunity to get home and literary group home show, and our carefully selected prizes! month we will be selected at the end of October the following awards: a prize, the prize is World Publishing Company Beijing offers suspense, a nonfiction, as well as Sohu a large fox. second prize two, the prize is World Publishing Company Beijing provided a well Sohu in a fox. , the prize is the World Publishing Company Beijing provided one, as well as a small fox Sohu. Encouragement Award five people, the prize is World Publishing Company Beijing provided a. attached images: welcome to attend, articles excellent opportunity to add to the Lord Bo Sohu blog original literary group oh ~ ~ ~ Just let us find literarily you! 2013.9.23 1. Orchids fragrant rain: 2. Kanzaki: 3. that woman: &quot;I want to break into a firefly Cang my literary dream.&quot; 4. Margaret says: &quot;Story dried, memory juicy&quot; 5. Chen Xiaoya growth in mind: six years of memories 6. northern point of view of snow: youth and dreams with the 7. lazy slow to the extreme heat typical: long with pockets of youth 8. Qi Yap: wonderful life with wine 9. <a href="">Canada Goose</a> potatoes sun: &quot;In the days of youth chasing a dream.&quot; 10.lilychen: praise by 11. old rose lover: My CHEWBACCA 12. belated cloth pigeon: simple literary feelings began to sprout up 13. Chek Suko 2012: &quot;dream&quot; 14.yangmin2711: To youth 15. attachment ink fountain: &quot;My teacher's dream&quot; 16. Ebb Tide: the most original place to experience life, keep the dream becomes true 17. Huan Yue Xuan: &quot;Decade of grinding <a href="">The North Face Outlet</a> sword - my literary translation Dream&quot; 18. Hsinchu wanderer: poem lit writers dream 19. rumu: Chaduilahu first day 20. potatoes sun: &quot;In the days of youth chasing a dream.&quot; 21.Ezreal: fans know youthful courage 22.zhen321: &quot;once unattainable dream&quot; 23. tour Shinsaibashi: &quot;Life is a dream place to live.&quot; 24. Zither me you are fleeting: You wrote the next three years 25. Sky Yi: dream language ------- youth. Dream 26. Sand lonely boat: ten years 27. drop Wuti Cream: Since then, we never start 28. East Laoshan people: through youth two decades 29. Yan Yan and Meng Meng's house: That year, I went to the army 30. Liaocheng Zhang Hongjun: May every building is beautiful. 31. difficult to know the Book of spell and easy: the dream was postponed 32. triple its brachial 52253076: &quot;evildoer only.&quot; 33. spiritual aid station: &quot;birthday feeling&quot; 34. Taniyama Lay: Sunshine and youth 35. Yasugongshang l: 36. Sohu users 13089982: youth and dreams 37. Snapshots whisper: fiction a river (the outer one) 38. midnight laughter: My dream is still at the foot 39.: Call of mountains