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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
Created 2013-10-01
Owner ztntwentyd
Title The North Face Jas I can be a painting
Description Wuhan collected one hundred schoolchildren paintings for decoration subway <a href="">Chanel</a> station
Metropolis Daily News (Reporter correspondent Mei Jun Wei Sun) Wuhan Metro Line 2 station is about to begin renovation, Wuhan Metro Group, Wuhan City Department of Education announced yesterday, the city's primary and secondary excellent start painting collection activities, which will be 100 outstanding works as a decorative painting permanently imprinted on the 2nd line stations. To stimulate the students sense of innovation, enhance creativity and allow the young people to participate in the subway construction, the Wuhan Metro Group, City Board of Education decided to launch this solicitation. The event will be conducted as a unit area, the participating students will be entries entry form prescribed time by the district turned over to the District Education Bureau Ti Weiyi station inventoried. Entries must be original, I can be a painting, oil painting, gouache, watercolor, sketch, color strokes, cartoon, paper prints (excluding three-dimensional modeling class), by the district and municipal levels, the final selection will produce 100 outstanding works. One first prize Primary 12, Secondary <a href="">The North Face Sale</a> School 8, each get a free ride card lifelong Metro Group 1; second prize 30, receive 10 years of free travel card; prize 50, may for five years of free travel cards. (This article Source: Sports Network Editor: admin) [Copy Link Tell A Friend] [Article] More about News Mobile News Mobile: Hubei Mobile News: Send HBSJB to 10086 Metropolis City Mobile Newspaper: Send CTDSB <a href="">Chanel Borse</a> to 10086 Telecom : Hubei Early Evening: Send CZW to 1065970107 Hubei Early Evening SMS version: Send 88-1065970100 Unicom: Unicom Mobile News - Hubei Daily: Send HB to 106,558,666 Unicom Mobile News - Metropolis Daily: Send Z to 106,558,226 Unicom Mobile News - Chu Tianjin newspaper: CT 88