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Category Muscle Cars
Created 2013-09-22
Owner wppfqinqiou
Title Canada Goose Jacke cheese
Description Xinjiang Dairy "preservation order" or out of three businesses into
from next month, there is no food <a href="">Canada Goose Solde</a> cold storage counters of shops selling liquid milk will not be eligible. In other words, the future of Xinjiang consumers can only have <a href="">Canada Goose Sverige</a> a certain scale, high credibility store supermarket to buy bags of milk, yogurt and other goods. And in the business of providing a small ticket, consumers can query through the mobile phone to the purchase of dairy products is not qualified. August 10, from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang Metropolis Daily reporter supervision and management of food distribution and Industry Bureau was informed by the region's industrial and commercial systems currently being comprehensive clean-up operation of the main qualifications dairy products, re-examination of dairy products circulation permit. It is reported that, in accordance with the characteristics of dairy products, dairy products will be divided into three categories: liquid milk (pasteurized milk, sterilized milk, modified milk, fermented milk); milk, infant formula milk powder (full cream milk powder, skimmed milk, partly skimmed milk powder, prepared milk powder, colostrum points); other dairy products (milk, butter, cheese, etc.). Industry and commerce departments at all levels will be approved in accordance with the above-mentioned three categories of dairy business scope, the re-examination of dairy products circulation permit. In re-examination, in addition to the access conditions to achieve circulation permit, the operator must have a liquid dairy foods frozen, fresh and clean counters. New food circulation permit issued in pre-packaged foods specially after filling Liaison: liquid milk, milk powder, infant formula milk powder. Distribution license for failure to obtain illegal dairy products will be strictly punished. It is understood that this re-examination of dairy circulation permit identification will greatly improve the operation of the main dairy sales threshold for the re-examination of the three types of dairy operators have to inspect and strictly follows a small town grocery infant formula milk powder store operating circulation permit approval. In principle, neighborhoods and communities, villages and towns the following miscellaneous food premises operators infant formula milk powder, food safety model shop should meet the requirements; township rural business less milk, infant formula milk powder in grocery stores, there are no conditions for the implementation of computer management To establish a comprehensive Form purchase ledger. Sales threshold was raised, currently more than 20,000 households in Xinjiang dairy sales managers, is expected to have 30 percent of the operator will not be achieved because of the conditions of sale of dairy products to be eliminated. Dairy circulation permit after the end of the audit work, Xinjiang dairy sales will be fully integrated into our region's industrial and commercial system of electronic monitoring system of food (also known as "a single-pass"), implemented in September is expected to provide consumers with verification test Ticket inquiry service operators to provide consumers only need to pass a single enter the phone number inquiry system, will be able to understand their product purchased is not qualified, there is no quality assurance, to achieve full traceability dairy operation, even in the event of food safety incidents <a href="">Canada Goose Deutschland</a> , also soon learned circulation which aspects of a problem. Xinjiang Metropolis Daily reporter Li Song reports