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Category Hot Rods and Customs
Created 2015-11-11
Owner zelin8wc968
Title luxury swiss replica on here Replica watch
Description Classique 18K
<p> rose gold watch </p>
<p></p>&lt; p &gt; the star table styles, manually on the chain of chronograph movement with column wheel device, the snail shell velocity meter painted a striking red,<a href=""></a>, white enamel dial two small dial burning stoves is three-dimensional.
<p> two time zones show that the alarm table </p>
<p></p>&lt; p &gt; practical business table, with 8 days power reserve, the unique sound spring device, and three question form percussion in the same way,<a href="">LONGINES WATCHES</a>, let the alarm sound more pleasant and up to 20 seconds. 3 at the alarm time settings,<a href=""></a>, 8 bits is alarm control button, at the 12 o'clock position below is display the alarm starting device, and the pointer points in the red position is to open state.
<p> Dior Rouge T01</p> Chiffre
<p></p>&lt; p &gt; Dior Chiristal phase of the moon's daily version,<a href=""></a>, the small dial clockwise where every day around the dial plate rotates a week, although a small but hidden 8 hours and 24 hours day and night instructions. Screw in crown, the first quarter of second, adjust the time zone, the third level adjustment time.