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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
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Created 2015-07-01
Owner chenfang
Title Hasselberg said he wants his company
Description David Amor, cofounder at Delinquent, <a href="">cheap rs gold</a> said in a statement that Mag has never been a silent investor. He said Mag has actively contributed to Potion Pop, and now his company can look forward to widespread distribution thanks to cross promotion with Mag’s other games. Amor founded the company with David Bishop and Chris Lee.

Hasselberg said he wants his company to launch more games and diversify its portfolio. But he doesn’t see the need to launch huge numbers of games. Rather, as with Ruzzle, he wants to establish a lasting franchise with multiple titles in the same category. He said he hopes that the free-to-play Potion Pop will generate enough of a following to justify an investment in ongoing content releases.