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Created 2015-06-25
Owner chenfang
Title I was very lucky to work with those sort of directors
Description DR: Do you know, <a href="">buy rs gold</a> I have no idea how I got The Avengers? I’d left the Royal Shakespeare Company, and I was one of a long list of girls, and got it on my audition. We were filmed and you had to fight a stuntman. There was a stuntman called Ray Austin, and the poor man, by the time I got to him it was about 4 in the afternoon he’d been bashed around by so many desperate actresses, absolutely determined to get the part. He was a very sorry sight.

DR: Yes, he was. And very much behind all the sort of innovations of The Avengers. But we did have a stellar cast of directors, who had all of them, in one way or another, like Roy Ward [Baker] and people like Charlie Crichton, had done Ealing comedies and things. It was quite extraordinary. These men actually, probably, would have rather despised working in television, but the fact of the matter was that films, certainly English films, were in decline, so they were very glad to do a job in television. And they did it brilliantly, and I was very lucky to work with those sort of directors.