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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
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Created 2015-06-03
Owner chenfang
Title they worked late every night
Description A search for similar payments duly uncovered <a href="">runescape gold</a> a torrent of bank transfers from Doha, Qatar’s capital. A pattern emerged of Qatari payments to heads of football associations across Asia and Africa. The whistleblower’s cache was at last beginning to yield results.

As the weeks passed, the team built up a jaw-dropping account of Bin Hammam’s multi-million-dollar campaign of bribery, logging each of the payments he had made to Asian and African officials. Within two months, the walls of the team’s attic hideout were plastered floor-to-ceiling with scraps of paper scrawled with names, dates and figures in multicoloured felt-tip pen.

Time, though, was running out. There were still mountains of documents to examine, then somehow the evidence had to be sorted and turned into coherent stories. The paper wanted to run their stories before the start of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Their deadline was June 1. It was now early May. At the start of the project, the pair had allowed themselves time off to return to London to see family and friends. But now weekends were cancelled and they worked late every night.