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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
No Picture
Created 2015-04-18
Owner lanmeii
Title utterly recognizable and mean
Description Megan: I just couldn’t get over the love for Donatella: <a href="">cheap runescape gold</a> I mean, you’re not going to skewer her better than Maya Rudolph, and neither queen could do an Italian accent to save her life! Snatch Game is about finding a character who you can mock, but also one who is a good persona with which to mock others. Donatella Versace isn’t really either.

Kennedy, let us also note, did a much more realistic interpretation of facial hair as Little Richard than she managed during the bearded lady challenge! I thought given her freak-out in the work room that it was going to suck, but it was the right combination of weird, funny, utterly recognizable and mean.