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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
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Created 2015-04-09
Owner lanmeii
Title you can look behind you at the projector
Description You’d think they had just discovered electricity or an alternative universe.<a href="">runescape gold</a> In some ways, they had. The teens jumped around, yelped with excitement, and didn’t want to stop playing a few basic flight games and watching movies in the virtual reality theater.

The Gear VR headset is a real game-changer. It costs $200 but requires a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone (which costs $300 on contract) to provide the immersive video experience, the sound, the processing power, and the storage.

You wear the headset like an oversize pair of headphones (the Samsung Level Over headphones provide more immersion, but cost another $350). There’s a strap that covers the top of your head. The phone snaps into a front compartment using two plastic hinges.

You will be flabbergasted. The Gear VR uses technology developed by Oculus, which is now part of Facebook. What you see transports you to another realm. When you look up, the Gear VR tracks your head movement and you look up in the video. Watch a movie in a virtual theater, and you can look behind you at the projector.