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Created 2015-03-13
Owner lanmeii
Title the rest of the game
Description But there's something more physically visceral about watching Westbrook work than seeing Curry cook; <a href="">cheap fifa 15 coins</a> if Steph is magic, Russ is an irresistible advancing army. Right now, Westbrook with the ball on the break, at the top of the key waiting for a screen, wherever isn't an arrow pointed at the rim. He's a 300-esque eclipse of arrows whose path to the intended target is inevitable, because you can't possibly repel an onslaught that overwhelming.

"If you can find somebody who has slowed him down, let me know," Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan, who finished with a Toronto-high 24 points and nine assists, said after Sunday's game, according to Cliff Brunt of The Associated Press.

(DeRozan's comment echoes the thoughts of Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal: "[...] in the flow of an NBA game, Westbrook can resemble upgraded software, moving at twice the speed of the rest of the game.")