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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
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Created 2015-03-04
Owner lanmeii
Title every traffic law in the book
Description I have Animal Crossing: New Leaf near my Nintendo 3DS at home and whenever I go on trips. <a href="">fifa coins</a> I wish I had it digitally, actually, and there have been times when I’ve considered re-buying the title simple for the sake of convenience. It’s the best in the franchise, it offers constant fresh content and I don’t think any other game has the ability to de-stress me quite like this one.

Often, even our favorite narrative games suffer from a disconnect between the story they’re trying to tell and the game mechanics through which the player can advance that story. Uncharted 2 puts us in the shoes of a treasure hunter with a charming wit and a devil-may-care outlook, and then asks us to murder literally hundreds of people while he quips about it. Grand Theft Auto IV has us take on the role of a guy who wants to get away from his past, but who also seems to take glee in plowing through civilians while he breaks just about every traffic law in the book.