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Created 2015-01-04
Owner lilylove
Title Inquisition is the GamesBeat 2014 Game of the Year
Description For many, Inquisition is a return to the roots of the franchise. <a href="">fifa 15 ultimate team coins</a> But more than that, it’s an evolution. Developer BioWare regrouped, bringing with it lessons learned from the previous games in the series, crafting something stronger than the parts that came before. Whether you’re struck by the punchy, engaging combat, smitten by the unique characters and personalities that footnote the journey, or looking to get lost, pulled off the beaten path in fantastic environments housing secrets waiting to be discovered, Dragon Age: Inquisition has something for you.

As the de facto messiah figure in a world torn asunder by an otherworldly, demonic invasion, you’d think that would rank chiefly among your concerns. But Dragon Age: Inquisition is rife with political intrigue, social unrest and injustice, and a procession of those looking to you for solutions to problems big and small. Yet despite the many questions, your commitment is never more or less than the choices you make, and your answers are never right or wrong.

For its many compelling moments, its depth of choice and consequence, its welcome and colorful personalities, and its willingness to let you experience a fantastical world on the brink of calamity on your own terms, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the GamesBeat 2014 Game of the Year.