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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
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Created 2014-12-10
Owner lilylove
Title trying to play very casual games
Description India traditionally hasn’t had many devices to play with. Overseas you had an evolution through console and PC. <a href="">fifa 15 coins ps3</a> India has gone over console and PC straight to mobile. Today we have 10 to 12 million smartphones being sold every month. We have 550 million unique mobile phones in the country. Last year it was 50 million smartphones sold. This year we’re on track for 100 million sold. The next two years will see 300, 350 million smartphones sold in India.

The number three activity on smartphones, behind Facebook and WhatsApp, is gaming. People are playing games and downloading games. Around 45 to 50 million games are downloaded every month. It’s a huge explosion in gaming. The basic reason is the affordability of devices, from about $100 devices to anything at the high end is the Android ecosystem. That’s driving the whole gaming market in India.

Three years ago, China was where we are today, with an explosion of gaming in progress. All the indicators are right, whether it’s about consumers being willing to pay online you must have seen that we have billion-dollar e-commerce deals happening in India. Consumers are spending online. Devices are reducing friction. Data prices are coming down. These are all indicators of good monetization to follow. I’m confident that India will be the flavor of the season within 18 to 24 months. It will change like we saw China completely change in the last three years.

India is a unique market. The constraining factor is internet speed. Your game design, development cycle, app size, everything is different from a global point of view. The type of gamer is very casual, too, if I may say. We have a lot of first-time gamers coming in and trying to play very casual games in short sessions over multiple sessions.