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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
Created 2014-03-26
Owner kjlerydckd
Title oakley norge came to the home
Description this is my home after." "Ah, brother, this has always been your home. These money you took, a little man who was easy money. Besides, since everyone has to rely on you to teach folks herbs in it. Let your home do not lack money, your brother I can do yet, "Du my father a very capable appearance, laugh a person. Du father to buy the next fruit sugar, candy, cake, dried fruit are taken out. Two brothers saw so many delicious, happy grandparents straight wallowing in bed, my sister and she did not lie to them, but also to get some for tomorrow Gouzi them to eat. "You two kids skin, with good food and do not patronize their own food, they also point to some of those kids to the village," Du grandpa see so many snacks, know quite certainly get out bud The. "Grandpa, rest assured. Forget Men certainly give them" brothers edge into his mouth dried fruit, side promised. The dried fruit is very sweet, but also delicious than fruit sugar, or sister, father to go along with the county is good, my sister went back to have a delicious