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Created 2014-03-12
Owner wujienxdu
Title ugg bamsest?vler said
Description SWAT genius play officialdom Chapter 240 drunk boss The next day, the butcher's son in a hotel caught by the police. Wounding behavior, and bounce back to their children in responsibilities, the police prepare to be dealt with severely. Butchers innocence there for his son at home with the leadership to the row above, but also a return to barbarism performance. Ferocious actually took a knife from the house rushed out raving black cloth to cut the head of the township secretary. The leaders of the various standing outside scared enough to choke, mostly dumbfounded. In particular, the township party secretary, because he went to the butcher is Ben, was stunned and trembling ** egg transfer. Tang Jun, eye grassland, two steps up the kick <a href="">Canada Goose Outlet</a> in the butcher's chest, because the force is too fierce, butcher a look back plop down on the ground. Then, Tang Jun, a foot on his neck, shouted: &quot;Hurry the knife down?&quot; Tang Jun, a long time no chance to show his strength, and this came as a great power is released, the skill of the feet than usual Large several times. To see the butcher at the foot of Tang Jun, panting, severe hypoxia. In fact, this date is hated afraid stunned, stunned was not afraid of life. Butcher saw Tangjun too tough, then obediently put a kitchen knife on the <a href="">Canada Goose UK</a> ground. This release Tangjun feet, glared at him. Butcher not only did not get up and angry, but also tightlipped to Tangjun talk about things. Chiang Nabi aside an eye-opener, Tang Jun, a person can not think of such brave. Tang Jun, then leans in front of him boast a good few. Tang Jun proud immediately up the audacity to say:. &quot;I remember when I first Ong Bak Down with Japanese black boxing tournament in Japan, is now repairing a small butcher almost too easy&quot; Then, Tang Jun, a little urgency to go to the toilet, His family did not think the toilet lid attached to the nest, following more than a dozen head suddenly sprang IOUs pigs, they are all gathered in below pout staring at him. Tang Jun has come a see what see? Are there any good? Then, a few pigs, pulls to wash a shower. Then each of these pigs showing a bright face, delicate features look. Then a few pigs and inexplicable boiling up, and Aoao whining. One City Family Planning Commission of female civil servants in particular feel the same, saying: &quot;Yes, a good rogue pig here, ah, like to look at your convenience, but how much they drink the urine, urinary just scared me half to mention pants and ran , shoe also fell <a href="">Canada Goose Jassen</a> in the toilet. &quot;Tang Jun laughed. A male colleague next to female civil servants: &quot;You have not let me see, this time the pigs to read it you?&quot; Gas hand Penhold woman listening to his head and asked: &quot;is also nonsense does not? &quot;male colleagues, said:&quot; Please be lenient sister, do not say later, &quot;the woman said finally to the sentence called local characteristics, toilet lid attached pigsties. Male colleagues, said: &quot;The characteristics of the 'color' is a lecherous 'color'