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Category Racing car parts
Created 2014-03-10
Owner hlihufcrhssd
Title new era caps excluding tax
Description repeatedly applied tax rates and non-tax price, not comparable prices for comparison: eg: pine 650 yuan / cubic (tax included) and pine 800 yuan / cubic meters (excluding tax) Spread is 150 yuan; combi 380 yuan / cubic (tax included) and hardwood 420 yuan / cubic meters (excluding tax price) difference is 40 yuan; VAT tax price includes 17% of the rebate is 555 yuan pine / cube, hardwood 325 yuan / cubic meters, then the difference is not pine 150, but 250 yuan, 40 yuan is not empathy hardwood post, but 95 yuan. (With documentary evidence). Also important is the pine mentioned by the 555 yuan 800 yuan, 420 yuan hardwood mentioned by the 325 does not have any basis and evidence. 2, quality: fabrication and processing of timber diameter, fabricated timber volume (Volume embezzlement powerful than raise prices, which is typical of misappropriation). Such as: