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Category Racing car parts
Created 2014-03-07
Owner wvlnhnxftu
Title Canada Goose Rea three first&quot
Description 2011 Volume judicial examination subjects review method is completely decrypt (reprint) Although in recent years to maintain the stability and continuity of the questions, but the flexibility to continue to strengthen the judicial examination questions, the questions are also increasing the amount of reading, emphasizing the candidate's ability to understand the application, objective questions subjective trends are becoming evident, Scott proposition reflects more precise and meticulous. Difficulty in 2010 and 2009 Scott questions basically the same, which is the majority of candidates is good news. However, candidates should also clearly recognize the difficulty of the questions this year, Scott and flexibility will increase, and only through the efforts of the review, in order to pass Scott. Volume complicated judicial examination content, content and more memory, not easy to get a high score. However, for the candidates, by Scott wants to be a good test vol. If Volume reached 110 points or more, by Scott basically a foregone conclusion. Legal History (Chinese legal history and foreign legal history about 6 minutes to about 4 minutes) proposition, the title fight is