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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
Created 2014-03-05
Owner ztntwentyd
Title Chanel Borse with orders issued this road
Description demonstrations White House, I believe,<a href="">Chanel Borse</a>, Mr. President, when you are likely to face congressional impeachment. &quot;Powell minister directly to the final killer took out any U.S. president that was most disliked Parliament's impeachment, said he would like is incompetent American President, for being the first black president in U.S. history, the Austrian horse will never be allowed to leave such a stain on its own. &quot;So, Mr. Powell, the use of satellite laser weapon to save our boys back, the sooner the better, but now our guys are absolute disadvantage.&quot; &quot;As you wish,<a href="">Canada Goose Paris</a>, Mr. President, my.&quot; With Austria Dark Horse signing utilized satellite laser weapons command, a wave spread to a secret base inside the U.S. inland desert, with orders issued this road, the base began to busy up the position of being one of the fleet is very inconspicuous Business Resources reconnaissance satellites began to change. Originally satellite from the surface is a very common business resources reconnaissance satellites, round barrel body, the body has two fan solar panels on both sides, and now after receiving the satellite signal to a ground, it started a new change. With a &quot;click&quot; sound sounded, Fengyun disguised commercial resources reconnaissance satellites started to show its grim horror that the other side of the Earth from the satellite for which side held out a twenty centimeters thick, four meters long with a very sci-fi s&egrave; color satin s&egrave; barrel, the barrel of the follow-up to connect the instrument to see that it is an advanced, people thought that interstellar era is coming. This is America's satellite laser weapons hair sh&egrave; is that the power of that moment is so powerful, a U.S. main battle tank was within a few seconds of laser weapons to vaporized and sent sh&egrave; speed is very fast laser weapons . Preliminary estimates, laser weapons after hair sh&egrave;,<a href="">Borse Chanel</a>, the sky to the earth's surface from the outside as long as ten seconds or so, the only downside is shrouded in a little range of laser weapons, only twenty meters to meters range, but the laser As long as the duration of weapons sufficient power can be up to one hour, so the satellite laser weapons can say is the most powerful hand inside the United States FLAC, satellite laser weapons in hand, the United States dare to go to war with any country. The efficiency of the United States really is not an ordinary fast, Powell persuaded the Austrian horse, to authorize the signing of the Austrian horse command, the last satellite laser weapons in full swing, with only three minutes, so that the efficiency had to admire, at least from the commander Church is absolutely no such efficiency. U.S. satellite laser weapons just started, the control center for satellite ground began to enter combat and combat command position, where the seat of the fleet in the video which clearly appear via satellite monitoring. This time, Will. Cornell generals and giant octopus monster is just five nautical