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Created 2014-02-19
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Title new era pas cher Izumo mythology God's genealogy
Description technology of these things, also touched the hearts Woguo Gentry. So, these things crossing the Ministry's come under military surveillance was taken away, placed in the track portion of the township (Hanoi National Shibukawa county) near the object here is believed to be the Ministry's detention of prisoners and refugees base. According to "Nihon Shoki Xionglue discipline" and subsequent records, many people died there. These come in a harsh environment ferry chose calm naturalization, on condition that the conclusion of the court and will not be protected against the vow. So, who is the leader of those crossing it come? We think that is probably the king from Northern Yan Hong of China named Feng. Kashihara, Nara Prefecture New Jersey 126 thousand grave mound ancient tombs unearthed and Feng Hong Su Feng brother Vladimir and family graves crown hat similar to a plate of pure gold, which is located in the territory of China, Liaoning Province. In this regard, the message will be discussed in detail. And Philip von come there with the prince is called Feng Wangren, and many other new Han. These people crossing the middle of the fifth century when brought to the Buddha, Buddha relic, Buddha figure, Buddha, Buddhist scriptures and other objects, Buddhism in Japan made a great contribution. As the first history book, "Nihon Shoki" and "Kojiki" For them to come to Japan regarding the crossing, was even recorded is ambiguous. In fact, Izumo mythology Susanoo is likely to be created as a prototype