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Created 2014-02-19
Owner wujienxdu
Title ugg g
Description Premier Zhou Li grass court <a href="">Canada Goose Jacket</a> judges look ridiculous judgment real name only to safeguard the dignity of the law Netizens public complaint letters about DIANBAI serious damage to people's court capricious and arbitrary legal rights and interests of the parties a sense of justice: I Liu Shouguang, Garbo DIANBAI plaintiff and the defendant Liu Shouguang <a href="">Canada Goose Parka</a> jellyfish Food Co., protecting property rights dispute case the parties. himself on January 19, 2007 with a third person DIANBAI Foodstuffs Import \x26amp; Export Company of Guangdong Province signed the rental agreement &lt;&lt; &gt;&gt;, agreed lease period is February 1, 2007 to 2027 1 May 31, 2009, 20-year lease 1.1 million one-time payment is completed, the plaintiff DIANBAI Garbo jellyfish Food Co. auction houses involved in the situation change advocates sued the rental agreement to lift &lt;&lt; &gt;&gt; compensation for economic losses, DIANBAI People's Court in the case of termination of the contract knowing that the case does not meet the conditions, contrary to the facts and the law intentionally made DIANBAI People's Court (2013) Mao electrical Min Chu Zi No. 38 of a civil judgment ruling to terminate the contract, capricious and arbitrary serious prejudice the legitimate interests of himself, special report follows a. DIANBAI People's Court of intentional violation of the fact that serious errors of fact DIANBAI People's Court that &quot;price certification center from DIANBAI bureau made on water Dong-jin People &lt;&lt; No. 14 Road property rentals &gt;&gt; evaluate the submissions can be seen. involved in housing estates pavement first rental price is 250 yuan per square -275 yuan per month, than the original grid laid rents soaring 64 percent, which is changes in the objective situation occurs if the original rental prices continued performance of the contract, there will be significantly beneficial to one party while the other party has a major disadvantage, but also contrary to the principle of fairness and good faith. therefore, according to the Supreme People's Court on the application &lt; <explain>
&gt; Contract Law Issues (b) the provisions of Article 26 concerning <a href="">Canada Goose Jakke Dame</a> the situation changes to terminate the contract, the plaintiff's request to terminate the contract Garbo company, should be supported, re-adjust. &quot;People DIANBAI Court finds these facts completely wrong. first. DIANBAI the people involved in housing court finds that the first house rental price than the original pavement laid rental prices soaring 64 percent no basis in fact, is considered wrong. DIANBAI Price Bureau Price finds made &lt;&lt; center on property rentals, Renmin Road, No. 14, Dong-water assessment submissions &gt;&gt; not forensic assessment instruments do not have the force of law. submission also clear that the assessment issued only to a limited DIANBAI Garbo jellyfish food Companies' leasing reference only, not for claims. claims based on &quot;the law can not serve as basis for the court, but the adoption of the people's