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Created 2014-02-17
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Title Timberland Pas Cher the evidence is insufficient
Description Jungle era, helpless people wrongfully nowhere trial My name is rather expensive to
born in poor families Fei County, Shandong Province, after TANYI zhenning Village's home. Although my father Ningbao Fu has worked three times in the village worked as branch secretary, as honest, uncorrupted, the family still lived a poor life, the mother Li Hua Xun farming at home, wife, mother, dull through the day, my brother Ninggui Jiang also Anfen Shou has youth, farming at home, working outside their families for many years, I, my family was recognized as honest people. Was introduced in 2001, my brother married a Yunnan Honghe stone Ninggui Jiang Xiang Miao villagers Bi Li Xiaomei fathered a daughter Minghuan Charming, my brother a couple back to Yunnan to visit relatives, fellow Sister Li Li Xiaomei envy of happy marriage . Zhaopo Jia Fei County, Shandong voluntarily, after introduction, with my village Ningde Jun married, married the woman who knows restless, repeatedly ran away from home. April 4, 2008, about eight years away from my village to village wells of Foreign Minister Li found the body of Sister Lee, June 12, 2008 surveillance authorities on suspicion of intentional homicide of my family detention was less than at home 4-year-old child unattended, the village people are feeling is very poor, I was not home long before escape unharmed. My father, my brother, but was a result of torture to extract confessions, investigators in accordance with the requirements set a so-called confessions. Mother was designated as harboring crime investigators. And on July 8, 2008 with a formal arrest. January 5, 2009, Linyi City, Shandong Province Procuratorate of intentional homicide prosecution (rummage Criminal Procedure [2009] 3, rummage Criminal Procedure [2009] No. 6 to the Linyi City Intermediate People's Court in 2009 on February 24 Day, May 8, 2009, in 2009 the case on November 26 in Japan three times by Linyi Intermediate People's Court hearing by the judiciary to appoint a defense lawyer to defend the accused (at that time because of family difficulties can not afford a lawyer). due to the fact that not clear, the evidence is insufficient, December 29, 2010, Linyi City Intermediate People's Court ruled that permit the withdrawal of Linyi City Procuratorate prosecution. (2009) a provisional sentence Chu Zi No. 14 in Linyi City People's Procuratorate, the prosecution withdrew the case sent back after Feixian case Procuratorate, in order to avoid internal state compensation and avoid taking responsibility, Fei County Procuratorate again in December 7, 2011, without any change in the evidence,<a href="">Gucci Homme</a>, the fact that the prosecution case in the same county court to charges,<a href="">Gucci Handbags</a>, called for the prosecution of my father, my brother intentional homicide, concealing the murder of my mother investigated, (fee Procuratorate Criminal [2011] No. 481). now my mother on April 20, 2010 was released on bail in the hospital, his father and brother turn remanded Malus Detention Center. In summary, since the defendant was detained has been nearly five years back during the investigation several times, in accordance with the principles of the Conflict of acquittal made by the defendant to respond, but the public prosecutor again to the same facts and evidence to charge the county downgrade trial court, with intent to murder imposed on the defendant's head, be held criminally responsible, but the available evidence is sufficient to overthrow the accused or suspected criminal defendant can not be found, nothing of the case until now, nearly five years I have written numerous v. trial materials, cast numerous complaints letters, but so far no one cares have gone unacknowledged Yao anechoic my family faced misfortune,<a href="">Gucci Bags UK</a>, ruin and death situation, my mother Although released on bail, two years in prison, torture countless tortured, husband, son suffered injustice odd that she'd rather die, physical and mental destruction has destroyed her entire body, often confined to bed, because my father was a cruel torture to extract confessions and plot a serious injustice to the patient Vitiligo is also a lame legs, and I am here because of family Mongolia Qichi great injustice, complaints nowhere, nowhere appealed facing wives and children, family members dead, what are justified? justice lie? state laws that? drowning female soul hope rehabilitate wells The real murderer was able to get away, wronged father and brother when they could see a bright future? Xi Jinping Chairman advocated the rule of law when the country achieved desperation I put my family suffered major public Zhu Qi injustice in the world, in order to get social to help the community, and light for the relevant leaders hope to get the attention, so that innocent people talk cleared injustice: rather expensive to call: 13864998072