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Created 2014-02-15
Owner wujienxdu
Title Canada Goose Jacka educational
Description because he was not officially work and feelings of anxiety. He very frankly: &quot;If do not work for three months, I was like stray dog ??as panicky.&quot; For posts, he would &quot;travel around the world.&quot; Preference Confucius Confucius scholars say it is to prevent the Zhou Dynasty &quot;Ceremony Disintegration&quot; and running, the Confucius Duke generally carried high. If these words were heard Confucius, he also angry: &quot;! Point, then I'm looking for people to work!&quot; Confucius so run around, finally attracted the attention of Lu Xun, because I think the Fan Ainong. Fan Ainong often tell people: &quot;Tomorrow I will receive a letter, sent Lu Xun, opened it, Lu Xun in Beijing to seek an errand for me.&quot; Confucius was indeed the situation is very similar with the Japan Student Fan Ainong : Can only hope for employment. Lu also inferred from the bustle of Confucius gentleman in his later years have stomach problems, the evidence is very particular about eating Confucius, &quot;I sit misconduct Dover, cut straight Vladimir food&quot;, and &quot;not withdraw ginger quilt&quot; inseparable Nuanwei medicine. The reason is that Confucius Shandong, noodles, flour gravel addition, the presence of the stomach together into a stone Tuo Tuo, the old man also car, the car is a wooden wheel, no buffer device, but was no &quot;national&quot; road pole poor, so Britain for many years, Confucius Britain became &quot;ptosis.&quot; This statement of Lu Xun Dongfang Shuo-style research, I always do not like, do not think it serious. But in order to prove that &quot;Confucius laid off&quot;, I decided to believe the words of Lu Xun, because &quot;knowledge cat,&quot; said the Chinese are only two teachers: Confucius and Lu Xun. A teacher comments another teacher, then, can be wrong? Countless interviews, Confucius is not for employment, <a href="">Canada Goose Jakke</a> he decided to do an &quot;elite schools&quot; recruit a few students. Today's elite schools Kill fees, not to kill the parents of bankruptcy does not give up, but loose Confucius charge, so that parents &quot;looking for&quot; the bottom line is a small bundle of beef jerky. But to face the nobles who have the nerve to send their children, and a bunch of beef jerky is equivalent to the teacher too, so Confucius getting better livelihood, there munching beef jerky, it will not curse. The former is not, in the past he do civilian schools, particularly poor students, XII died, his father Yan Si also strongly urged Confucius sell the car, to XII coffin. Confucius traveled the world looking for work, and finally unable to do so, but finally they have created the opportunity for employment, when the a &quot;private teacher.&quot; Today there are private schools &quot;public aid&quot; one said, when a copper sub-Jun Lu leads to Confucius did not let his own support for this <a href="">Canada Goose Tilbud</a> school. But <a href="">Canada Goose Jassen</a> after the death of Confucius, come and take away all aspects of his request to them for employment, intellectual, literary, educational, please Confucius have