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Created 2014-02-15
Owner kjlerydckd
Title oakley brillen family members are thinking
Description [Parenting Topics] [transfer] baby drink milk drink Bein especially mothers milk must come down! ! ! Calculus problem! (Reprint) Transfer: my baby from birth up to now has been drinking Beingmate series champion baby milk powder, the difference is now a few days to nine months. July 11 this year, the first time that there is gross hematuria, only to find that this one day later urine color and normal. Was also not too concerned about, that is drinking watermelon juice was reddened. August 3 again found gross hematuria, and which appear several times a day, I let my husband take hospital tests showed erythrocyte 3 +, laboratory technicians say you quickly check the children, the baby's urine should appear three red blood cells. Early next morning we took the baby to a local hospital for a maximum of B-, through acquaintances and relatives to do to find a doctor to check very carefully the results of the B-show left kidney and two strong light probe Echo, the largest 4MM. Conclusions are left kidney stones! Doctors say such a small child there is no good way, and can not Lithotripsy, only the first conservative treatment, drink plenty of water, do B-monitored regularly. But my baby usually drink a lot ah! Milk scandal was not disclosed yet, we did not have any problems suspected to milk. After the toxic milk powder incident was disclosed, we began to worry, after all, the baby was <a href="">Piumino Moncler</a> found stones. But when you see the sampling results, said the United States and all shellfish products are not a problem because we started their own comfort, family members are thinking: here we may be limited hospital medical condition, the doctor level is not enough, so probably misdiagnosed it! But it was just good intentions and self-comforting Bale family, so September 20th we take the time zone special baby to Nanjing Children's Hospital for a check. I did not expect the results of a thorough examination ruthless broke all of our good ideas. B-show again left kidney stones, 4 ~ 5MM! I am completely speechless! ! ! It originally was directed at &quot;more suitable for Chinese babies&quot; argument before choosing it, did not think it was more suited to poison Chinese baby! ! ! So Baoma who drink milk, you do not blindly believe the so-called sampling results, quickly take the baby <a href="">Moncler Jacka</a> to the hospital to check in order to be assured! Wish our baby can grow up safe and healthy! for this incident, I have the following comments and questions: first, the first strong contempt for those who care for the evil forces who act as lackeys! ! ! ! ! ! I logged <a href="">Moncler Usa</a> Beingmate champion baby club site and found there are many beautiful baby drink Bein stones, but Beingmate reply when people get all the blame spotless, said that the parents themselves anti improper feeding. [Answer the following: AQSIQ has announced September 17, 2008 the first batch of qualified testing milk business, Bein cases in which the quality of our milk is hard life. The reasons for kidney stones is also very much the baby, such as after eating