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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
Created 2014-02-15
Owner ztntwentyd
Title The North Face Milano floor cracks
Description go to the Galaxy reflected, and then said I rented the house. I say you speak to bear legal responsibility, I have not all moved, keys in your hand, how do I put the house rented out. He oriented CASE staff in front of the two, I apologize, saying as he just said to me to apologize, I'm sorry. This is something I do not remember compared. He asked him what my complaint, I say your complaint, I bought a house to live Galaxy City showings discovered leaking kitchen, floor cracks, wall cracks in many places. I was asked to move rooms, you would not. He said no, ah, I say you are late 2006 maintenance. Then he admitted was repaired in 2006, I called CASE staff to accompany me to the site to see. One staff member said no time, developers always say thank you sales find housing quality problems, I have maintenance. The issue is resolved, you have to wards, wards out evidence. I had to go home. Friends from around the world, are buyers in the examination room, found quality problems in the field, can not change or withdraw it? From 2006 to the present house and then repair or maintenance of penetrating cracks, can the Government only the interests of developers, regardless of the fate of the people do? Developers have no obligation to respect the right to choose the owners do? Developer of the &quot;good faith&quot; come from? 2007 Nanchang Evening News reported (Galaxy City, a building plate 14 is penetrating cracks). 2007 housing quality problems was reported in Nanchang Evening News. Developers 2010-3-25 or repair cracks and then repair to the classes. Developers also confidently. Told me to come up with evidence. I take photos at 2010-3-26 go Nanchang County CASE, CASE called me looking for quality supervision station, I find the next 3:00 o'clock to find Nanchang County Quality Supervision Station, a check of Quality Supervision, said Silver City does not belong to them pipe, looking for a hero Economic Development 2010-2011 -3-29 I found the hero of Quality Supervision Station Economic Development, Economic Development Zone, the hero of Quality Supervision Station said that this thing will go and provincial engineering <a href="">Canada Goose</a> quality supervision bureau, the provincial engineering quality supervision bureau agreed to accept ,2010 -4-1 handed me a photo provincial engineering <a href="">Canada Goose Expedition Parka</a> quality supervision bureau Wangke. Wangke saw the photo, verbally say is defective, I only heard of quality problems or quality flaws. I asked him what the defect is a concept, he did not answer me, I asked Wangke If this is your home to buy <a href="">Chanel Deutschland</a> a house you can accept it? He said I did not buy this house. I sat in the office from 10:00 Wangke sat 18:00, I asked Wangke do report quality defects. He said he would not be any person or entity of the text of the report, he could out of the text of the report. Since he took me in his office no matter what I throw. Own home. Leaders at all levels, and friends from around the world, I would like to ask every publicity and to maintain justice, fraud like this I do not know