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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
Created 2014-02-14
Owner ztntwentyd
Title Chanel also unaware of the usual rush to class
Description Shanghai Linguaphone out of business, the ten thousand students tuition for naught these days seems to be very special, yesterday afternoon lost the key, it took 100 people picking ocean Please also toss into the door at 8,9 point was able to eat. Today, what classes to accompany Linguaphone class BF, BF class is doing IT industry more popular, he mixed 10 years can be considered a veteran of the industry. Had a lot of opportunities, but unfortunately English is not ye, or early learning foreign people around the gilded slip back. This year I finally persuaded reported Linguaphone adult training, breath dig twenty thousand tuition. June pay registration, signed with them a total of six levels of contract term is for two years, in the middle due to the difficulty in setting the course, in the middle BF and travel, the total did not add up to only a few classes, a level none of the finished . BF is still pretty serious, 30 several people, it is very difficult to learn English, but he learned very seriously. During this time I often accompany him to go to class. Just went to the fifth floor Yongxin Square, see the training center gathered in front of a bunch of students inside the gates locked, the door also posted two seals. Began to not react, that today's lesson was canceled. They are excited to see the results of what the arguments, two students with no sympathy Nagata told us the school escaped escaped! Sunday also went to her boyfriend yesterday Linguaphone class, did not see the signs, how suddenly evaporated play it? There is also a school teacher estimate Bing knowledge. One teacher posted at the entrance to write something to the effect that we are all students and foreign teachers were deceived, that's kind of our alarm. There is also a Chinese assistant, also unaware of the usual rush to class, the door still did not go. Is short of a female teacher, said she was 25 days this month's wages have not got. I really do not know that these foreigners see is what feelings, Shanghai <a href="">Doudoune Canada Goose Femme</a> so economically developed cities, but also staged such sordid acts. Linguaphone so famous brand, the quality is not actually allowed to join such a trampling home regret dead, how did Wall Street English, it is no election, or Wiebe is required. Still he kept insisting I go Linguaphone of BF. Because the Linguaphone brand has a history of several hundred years, <a href="">Canada Goose Prix</a> I did not expect really is so rubbish! Today, listen to the report, the original of this training school record with the Bureau of Xuhui District, the new model training school, they do not know and Linguaphone in the end what is the relationship? Is hung trying to sell? So arrogant deception no one knows? Or if they are truly joined Linguaphone, Linguaphone headquarters that such low quality franchisees are turning a blind eye? Listen to trample Linguaphone by their centuries-old reputation? Today College were also human flesh out morgan's father Shanghai <a href="">Chanel Sito Ufficiale</a> Linguaphone investor is a commander of one of the Nanjing Military Region! Students