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Category Trucks, Tow vehicles
Created 2014-02-13
Owner ztntwentyd
Title woolrich kids my brother Wang
Description Emergency: What was a pay cut after the company malicious malicious denunciation, after the sale of the product is not a sub-commission; my brother Wang (hereinafter: the king), returning to the United States to study double Masters majoring in the direction of mobile phone communication. Since July 2008, employed about 150 people in Shanghai, a mobile unit of private enterprises. Before joining the company's general manager positions A and Wang, director of the international market commitments, so he set up departments, foreign markets do market research and promotion. At that time the king and the company's personnel manager X signed a formal labor contract for 2 years (July 15, 2008 to July 14, 2010), jobs for international marketing manager, probation two months salary after tax 24 million. In the first payment of wages, the company issued to the king's salary in two parts, one part is deducted before tax 12,000 yuan 12,000 yuan after this individual about 10,<a href="">Chanel Borse Prezzi</a>,500 yuan; another part is directly to the pre-tax cash 8,000 yuan + personal income of 12,000 yuan in cash about 9 thousand dollars. The king asked why one of four gold companies do not pay, X said, you account in the field, so we can not pay 4 gold. In the king's repeated lobbying by the company from the beginning of September 2008, net of tax from individuals Wang 12,000 yuan monthly salary before tax and net of the four gold in the housing fund 607 yuan per month. Wang and A and X representations and asked to sign the after-tax salary, so that all employees should be paid entirely by the four gold company responsible. X said, &quot;You're called net after-tax wages, not that we signed after-tax wages; If the contract is signed is called the net after-tax wage, then we can give you a bear.&quot; Wang believes that the company's playing with words, but not worth four gold issue to court, so they endure to the present. In addition, the company To date, only four gold contains only housing fund, one of several other gold does not pay. Several representations down, personnel answer always say &quot;account is not Shanghai, so I can not help your brother to pay 4 gold.&quot; Beginning in October 2008,<a href="">Canada Goose</a>, A king began to cater to the requirements of foreign sales, the king objected, A said that now nobody do foreign sales, you're doing it together. On this matter, A sales do the work so that neither the king signed a new contract, did not increase wages. A unauthorized changes to work not only increased the number of days the king in foreign travel, a greater intensity of work; wage increases when the king asked the A, A is not only not increase, but asked the king to sell so many products. A king said to decide in accordance with the sales results (only verbally, no paper documents). In addition,<a href="">Doudoune Canada Goose Femme</a>, not a penny of subsidy to travel abroad, the company also believes that revenue is not traveling abroad to work overtime on weekends, there is no reason to get outside of the agreed wage. A former king promised to set up a few