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Created 2013-12-31
Owner airmax62
Title Bruce Lee's Impact On China's Economy
Description Bruce Lee's Impact On China's Economy<br><br> On July 20, 1973, a generation of Bruce lee died young, he is like a comet dazzling across international Wu Tan and cinema, to the modern art of art and movies have made great contribution to the development of the performing arts.Fu movies he starred in popularity overseas, and promote a national spirit, Chinese kung fu is known all over the world.He has a famous saying: "I am a Chinese! I win honor for my Chinese martial arts."In order to this sentence, Bruce lee used up all the energy and enthusiasm in life.In the day of the 30th anniversary of his death, many places are relevant commemorative activities, and Bruce lee fan reminisce about, like recall an enduring myth...<br><br> Bruce lee, formerly Li Zhenfan, November 27, 1940, was born in the United States.He is a cantonese opera MingLing Li Haiquan second son, therefore to the film industry as Bruce lee's recipe for success lies in combining martial arts and film, created the kung fu movies.Also because of this, people just say Bruce lee's life is composed of two pillars: martial arts and films.<br><br> Bruce lee also affects the economy now, Chinese fast food brand - true kung fu, it is the brand image spokesperson of the Bruce lee master in the game of death <a href="">Classic Bruce Lee Yellow Tracksuit</a> cartoon version of the image.True kung fu restaurant management co., LTD., founded in 1990.Since the first restaurant, true kung fu has been the main steam product as characteristics of Chinese fast food.Since 1999, successively in guangzhou, shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou, shenyang, tianjin, wuhan, changsha, fuzhou, zhengzhou and so on more than 30 cities.<br><br> He makes Chinese martial arts toward to the world, let the sick man of east Asia this four word completely disappeared in China, let the world changed the opinion of Chinese people, become a hero, in the minds of countless in China founded jeet kune do, let the word "kung fu" in foreign language dictionaries, raised a tide of "<a href="">martial arts</a>" in the world.His <a href="">Classic Tang suit</a> in Fist of Fury is also welcome. He made Hong Kong action films were surging.He is the sponsor of the Hong Kong action movies, in the fighting, like foreigners singing opera, before becoming come true.Now foreign interest in the Chinese movie is action category.At the same time of the worldwide Chinese kung fu.Even attract other kung fu lovers came to China, learning Chinese martial arts, at the same time, also can bring the shaolin wudang scenic places such as tourist income. songyingy-p20131231
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