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Category Racing car parts, performance
Created 2013-12-31
Owner airmax62
Title Cycling jerseys with superior health functions
Description Cycling jerseys with superior health functions<br><br>About <a href="">cycling jerseys</a> with health function,many people will question about this.So, we should from what respect to learn about its health care function.<br><br><a href="">Cycling clothes</a> with super anti ultraviolet function, due to the cotton uv transmittance is two thousand five hundred over ten thousand, bamboo fiber of ultraviolet penetration rate is less than six over ten thousand. Its ability to resist ultraviolet radiation is 417 times of cotton. Use bamboo textiles in summer and autumn, which makes people feel cool, breathable, winter and spring is fleeciness comfortable and can eliminate the excessive heat and moisture. Bamboo contains trace elements rich in pectin, bamboo honey, tyrosine, vitamin E and SE, GE and other anti-aging anti-cancer function."Antioxidant compound bamboo elements" can effectively scavenge free radicals, has anti-aging biological effect; Proxy ester compounds can block the N-nitrite ammonia compounds, significantly improve the immune capacity; Bamboo fiber contains many essential amino acids, has a unique health function to the skin; bamboo fiber, bamboo density, pectin nourishing the skin and anti-fatigue effect; bamboo fiber with no free charge, antistatic.<br><br>The above are the reasons for the <a href="">cycling clothing</a> with health care function. songyingy-p20131231<br>
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