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Category Racing car parts, performance
Created 2013-12-30
Owner qlinylrxnyt
Title Doudoune Abercrombie Li Jian
Description Du Peng Yu, Chongqing Jialing tomorrow guest voice for that new album pre-heat

cutting-edge singer-songwriter Du Yu Peng debut album creation first wave hit singles "heart using the road far" in the April launch, 100s of r / c across the nation have obtained a great response, referred to as 2013 most Chinese music expect fresh voice, his voice can also be understood to be between Xu Wei, Li Jian, between your "Sunny Boys" by many <a href="">Uggs Sverige</a> people fans and professionals recognized and revered. Tomorrow (10 May) 12:35, <a href="">fake ugg boots uk</a> Du Yu Peng bring "heart using the road is lengthy" aerial guest Chongqing Jialing Voices "neighbors - close friendInch programs, and talk to the host Lin Fei music and existence, with nearly all audience to speak online, share this new creation story behind the album. Chongqing Jialing Voices "neighbors - a great friend" program by nearly all audience attention and love, host Lin Fei hosting style clean and fresh, always stand it the outlook during audience, to talk with the visitors . <a href="">fake uggs</a> Lin Fei modest to look at, you will find stars unmanageable heart, usually keen on travel, around the Du Peng Yu-song referred to as "essential travel song" from the "heart using the road far", they'll naturally have endless talk subject, will reveal to you. It's understood that Mrs Yu Peng of the build-from Chinese music scene many top music artists and music artists from the album has completed all the mixing work, learning the job already approaching completion, will star alien LP at the end of May 2013 comprehensive listing problem, you would like to understand more about the album's buddies, please lock FM102.1 Chongqing Jialing voice, at 12:35 on May 10 points, and Du Peng Yu music bring us together to talk about the pleasure and emotion.