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Created 2013-12-27
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Title ugg boots cheap 000 yuan
Description 8 students completely up a stall in Guangzhou to Wuhan 40 days Nil 12 <a href="">Chanel Taschen</a> city tour

experience different places survival plan doesn't spend a cent 40 days tour 12 metropolitan areas Xinhuanet Reuters eight people, 5 days and 6 nights, <a href="">Chanel Online Shop</a> walking + train + Pensions + chair rations, overcoming 1,069 kilometers across three provinces, Guangdong College of eight students to visit and didn't have a cent, incidentally street vendor showed up in Wuhan. Which is their "zero dollars in China" program started, clients meet 40 days Nil 12 metropolitan areas round the country. On friday, the Yellow Crane Tower stall these were vacationers crowd, possess some pictures Yesterday, pupils play in Wuhan is becoming their "fans", mixed up in guest book authored "Seriously,Inch what . Earn travel completely with a street vendor, "you are able to count off-site survival experience, chose a serious method to challenge." "I wish to begin to see the world, but don't want their parents for the money, and less time for you to try to earn travel." Yesterday, inside a large pressure stall these 90 boys and women, told reporters. Before they trigger having a full four luggage keychain, bookmarks and postcards, all find producers created their very own design, as lengthy as all along the direction to sell, we are able to guarantee the price of your way, "eight people, it's impossible to consider a ride Therefore, we have to first solve the fare. Keychain 15 yuan a set of two yuan a postcard, a minimum of 40 days to earn 30,000 yuan, intends to be effective. "within the stall aside created with flowers keychain captain Dengpei Jie stated. Toughest outdated eventually eat two biscuits to save cash, they're from Guangzhou to Changsha, the election is 10 hrs without air chair evening train from Changsha to Wuhan is standing tickets, ticket money only 100 yuan per capita succeed. On the way are searching for the least expensive home, boys and women crowded one. Around the 14th showed up in Wuhan, they present in Dazhi Road as lengthy as 69 yuan a little hotel may take a shower, too excited to visit Hankou play through the night. "Probably the most sad is to consume, attempted to consume 3 biscuits. Fortunately, the Yellow Crane Tower gained greater than 800 yuan, we have seen stars walked Hubuxiang made clear your food.Inch Women Wu Jiao stated. Kerbside stall was come to law enforcement station 37 exposure, no food, go missing, aren't what's hardest encounter chased and also the police. "Yuelu Mountain in Changsha was confiscated once, seemed to be introduced towards the police station, crying together with his plea, and just then things ought to be <a href="">Chanel</a> back. Was chased to trap more prevalent, worn lip useless." An on the highway, additionally they experienced lots of good people. Changsha, a fervent hawkers won't stall "poised" to provide way, but additionally personally bring them towards the Window around the globe and security representations, obligations do Changsha dialect translation. "Within the Yellow Crane Tower stall once they were moved not, we heard lots of vacationers Doukua our wonderful factor, keep our photo, several a large number of it." Lee Yin stated both gamers, so he seemed to be impressed a ten-year-old boy, after he bought some postcards and authored these words: "Nothing isn't terrible, terrible isn't just an aspiration.Inch (Reporter correspondent Xia Yu Qing Huang Ying intern Sun Zhipeng)